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061/2018   C03 Policy Evaluation in Behavioral Models Christian Michel, André Stenzel
060/2018   B05 Distorted Input Ratios in Vertical Relationships Martin Peitz, Dongsoo Shin
059/2018   A03 General Equilibrium Feedback Regarding the Employment Effects of Labor Taxes Minchul Yum
058/2018   A02 Forensic Econometrics: Demand Estimation when Data are Missing Julian Hidalgo, Michelle Sovinsky
057/2018   B02 Patent Pools, Vertical Integration, and Downstream Competition Markus Reisinger, Emanuele Tarantino
056/2018   B02 The Effect of Horizontal Mergers, When Firms Compete in Prices and Investments Massimo Motta, Emanuele Tarantino
055/2018   B01
Steady States in Search-and-Matching Models Stephan Lauermann, Georg Nöldeke, Thomas Tröger
054/2018   B01 Auctions vs. Negotiations: Optimal Selling Mechanism with Endogenous Bidder Values Mengxi Zhang
053/2018   B07 Heterogeneous Impacts of Cost Shocks, Strategic Bidding and Pass-Through: Evidence from the New England Electricity Market Harim Kim
052/2018   B07 Does Electrification Cause Industrial Development?
Grid Expansion and Firm Turnover in Indonesia
Dana Kassem
051/2018   C02 Financial Dollarization in Emerging Markets: An Insurance Arrangement Husnu C. Dalgic
050/2018   C01 Learning Spillovers in Conditional Welfare Programs: Evidence from Brazil Fernanda Brollo, Katja Maria Kaufmann, Eliana La Ferrara
049/2018   B06 Trade and Domestic Policies in Models with Monopolistic Competition Alessia Campolmi, Harald Fadinger, Chiara Forlati
048/2018   A03 Parental Time Investment and Intergenerational Mobility Minchul Yum
047/2018   B04 Price Dispersion and Informational Frictions: Evidence from Supermarket Purchases Pierre Dubois, Helena Perrone
Creditor Rights, Information Sharing, and Borrower Behavior: Theory and Evidence John H. Boyd, Hendrik Hakenes, Amanda Heitz
045/2018   B02 Regulating Cancellation Rights with Consumer Experimentation Florian Hoffmann, Roman Inderst, Sergey Turlo
044/2018   C04 Nowhere Else to Go: The Determinants of Bank-Firm Relationship Discontinuations after Bank Mergers Oliver Rehbein, Santiago Carbo-Valverde
043/2018   C04 Flooded through the Back Door: Firm-Level Effects of Banks' Lending Shifts Oliver Rehbein
042/2018   B05 You Are Judged by the Company You Keep: Reputation Leverage in Vertically Related Markets Jay Pil Choi, Martin Peitz
041/2018   B02 Learning When to Quit: An Empirical Model of Experimentation in Standards Development Bernhard Ganglmair, Timothy Simcoe, Emanuele Tarantino
040/2018   B02 Expectations of Reciprocity and Feedback when Competitors Share Information: Experimental Evidence Bernhard Ganglmair, Alex Holcomb, Noah Myung
039/2018   B03 Holger Breinlich, Volker Nocke, Nicolas Schutz
038/2018   B03 Internal versus External Growth in Industries with Scale Economies: A Computational Model of Optimal Merger Policy Ben Mermelstein, Volker Nocke, Mark A. Satterthwaite, Michael D. Whinston
037/2018   B05 Striking a Balance of Power between the Court of Justice and the EU Legislature: The Law on Competition Damages Actions as a Paradigm Jens-Uwe Franck
036/2018   C04 Banks' Trading after the Lehman Crisis - The Role of Unconventional Monetary Policy Isabel Schnabel, Johannes Tischer
035/2018   B06 Trade in Tasks and the Organization of Firms Dalia Marin, Jan Schymik, Alexander Tarasov
034/2018   B01 Buyer-Optimal Robust Information Structures Stefan Terstiege, Cédric Wasser
033/2018   B02 Skewed Information Transmission Francesc Dilmé
032/2018   B01 A Nazi "Killer" Amendment Andreas Kleiner,
Benny Moldovanu
031/2018   B01 A Theory of Auctions with Endogenous Valuations Alex Gershkov, Benny MoldovanuPhilipp Strack
030/2018   B01 The Multiplier Effect in Two-Sided Markets with Bilateral Investments Deniz Dizdar, Benny Moldovanu,
Nora Szech
029/2018   B01 The Dimensions of Consensus Alex Gershkov, Benny Moldovanu, Xianwen Shi
028/2018   B05 Managing Competition on a Two-Sided Platform Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz
027/2018   B05 A Fresh Look at Zero-Rating Jan Krämer, Martin Peitz
026/2018   B01 Dynamic Expert Incentives: Complementarity and Substitutability in Information Acquisition Tsz-Ning Wong, Lily Ling Yang
025/2018   B01 Relevant Decision Problems and Value of Information Lily Ling Yang
024/2018   B03 An Aggregative Games Approach to Merger Analysis in Multiproduct-Firm Oligopoly Volker Nocke, Nicolas Schutz
023/2018   A01 Willingness to Take Risk: The Role of Risk Conception and Optimism Thomas Dohmen, Simone Quercia, Jana Willrodt
022/2018   A01 Parental Involvement and the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Preferences and Attitudes Maria Zumbuehl, Thomas Dohmen, Gerard Pfann
021/2018   B05 Consumer Search with and without Tracking Marcel Preuss
B03 All-Pay Oligopolies: Price Competition with Unobservable Inventory Choices Joao Montez, Nicolas Schutz




Sweet Lemons: Mitigating Collusion in Organizations

Colin von Negenborn, Martin Pollrich

Offshoring and Skill-upgrading in French Manufacturing
Juan Carluccio, Alejandro Cuñat,
Harald Fadinger, Christian Fons-Rosen
017/2018   B06 Come Together: Firm Boundaries and Delegation Laura Alfaro, Nick Bloom,
Paola Conconi, Harald Fadinger,
Patrick Legros, Andrew F. Newman,
Raffaella Sadun, John Van Reenen
016/2018   C02 Leaning against Housing Prices as Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy Klaus Adam, Michael Woodford
015/2018   A02 Locus of Control and Consistent Investment Choices Pia Pinger, Sebastian Schäfer, Heiner Schumacher
014/2018   B03 Deception and Competition in Search Markets Tobias Gamp, Daniel Krähmer
013/2018   A01 A02 The Formation of Prosociality: Causal Evidence on the Role of Social Environment Fabian Kosse, Thomas Deckers, Pia Pinger, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Armin Falk
012/2018   A01 Affirmative Action and Retaliation in Experimental Contests Francesco Fallucchi, Simone Quercia
011/2018   B03 Full Surplus Extraction in Mechanism Design with Information Disclosure Daniel Krähmer
010/2018   C02 Optimal Trend Inflation Klaus Adam, Henning Weber
009/2018   B06 The Structure of Multinational Sales under Demand Risk Francesco Paolo Conteduca,
Ekaterina Kazakova
008/2018   B06 Serving Abroad: Export, M&A, and Greenfield Investment Francesco Paolo Conteduca,
Ekaterina Kazakova
007/2018   B05 Toward a Coherent Policy on Cartel Damages Jens-Uwe Franck, Martin Peitz,
006/2018   A01 On the Relationship between Cognitive Ability and Risk Preference

Thomas Dohmen, Armin Falk,
David Huffman, Uwe Sunde

005/2018   A01 Global Evidence on Economic Preferences

Armin Falk, Anke BeckerThomas DohmenBenjamin Enke, David Huffman, Uwe Sunde

004/2018   B05 Inside the Engine Room of Digital Platforms: Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz
003/2018    B01 Assigning an Unpleasant Task without Payment Susanne Goldlücke, Thomas Tröger
002/2018    B01 Linear Voting Rules Hans Peter Grüner, Thomas Tröger




Platform Competition: Who Benefits from Multihoming?

Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz




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