Sequential Choices, Option Values, and the Returns to Education

575/2024, C01, Manudeep Bhuller, Philipp Eisenhauer, Moritz Mendel

Partisan Voting under Uncertainty

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Future Versus Today’s Improvements: The Trade-off of Place-Based Policies

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The Optimal Inflation Target

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Quantifying Okun’s Leaky Bucket: The Case of Progressive Childcare Subsidies

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Mental Models in Financial Markets: How Do Experts Reason About the Pricing of Climate Risk?

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Geopolitical Risks and Prudential Merger Control

568/2024, B03, B05, Massimo Motta, Volker Nocke, Martin Peitz

Monotone Decision Rules and Supermodularity

567/2024, B02, Gregorio Curello

Incentives for Collective Innovation

566/2024, B02, Gregorio Curello

Active or Passive? Revisiting the Role of Fiscal Policy During High Inflation

565/2024, C02, Stephanie Ettmeier, Alexander Kriwoluzky

The Comparative Statics of Persuasion

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The Preference Lattice

563/2024, B02, Gregorio Curello, Ludvig Sinander

Screening for Breakthroughs

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Do Judicial Assignments Matter? Evidence from Random Case Allocation

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Optimal Disclosure Mandate in Supply Chains

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Bargaining Under the Threat of a Nuclear Option

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Credit Supply, Firms, and Earnings Inequality

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The Systematic Origins of Monetary Policy Shocks

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Big Data and Inequality

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Biased Recommendations and Differentially Informed Consumers

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Peer Effects in Financial Decisions: Evidence from Dutch Administrative Data

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Mixing QE and Interest Rate Policies at the Effective Lower Bound: Micro Evidence from the Euro Area

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Tracing Banks’ Credit Allocation to Their Profits

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Delayed Childbearing and Urban Revival: A Structural Approach

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An Endogenous Gridpoint Method for Distributional Dynamics

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Regulatory Compliance with Limited Enforceability: Evidence from Privacy Policies

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Efficiency and Equity of Education Tracking: A Quantitative Analysis

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Fiscal Policy and the Balance Sheet of the Private Sector

544/2024, C03, Hans Gersbach, Jean-Charles Rochet, Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden

Optimal Testing in Disclosure Games

543/2024, B01, B04, Avi Lichtig, Helene Mass

Voting Under Salience Bias and Strategic Extremism

542/2024, A01, B03, Günnur Ege Bilgin, Cavit Görkem Destan

Smart Banks

540/2024, C03, Alkis Georgiadis-Harris, Maxi Guennewig, Yuliyan Mitkov

Hosting Media Bias: Evidence From the Universe of French Broadcasts, 2002-2020

537/2024, B05, Julia Cagé, Moritz Hengel, Nicolas Hervé, Camille Urvoy

Learning From Online Ratings

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Hedging Along the Global Value Chain: Trade War and Firm Value

531/2024, B06, Liyan Han, Lei Li, Huiyi Liao, Libo Yin

Trust in Vertical Relations

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A Dynamic Model of Predation

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Supply Chain Frictions

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Pigou Meets Wolinsky: Search, Price Discrimination, and Consumer Sophistication

527/2024, B03, Carl-Christian Groh, Jonas von Wangenheim

Dynamic Screening with Verifiable Bankruptcy

525/2024, B03, Daniel Krähmer, Roland Strausz

Unidirectional Incentive Compatibility

524/2024, B03, Daniel Krähmer, Roland Strausz

Tranquilo: An Optimizer for the Method of Simulated Moments

522/2024, C01, Janoś Gabler, Sebastian Gsell, Tim Mensinger, Mariam Petrosyan

Confidence and Organizations

521/2024, B02, Andres Espitia

Digital Attention Intermediaries

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Auctions with Frictions: Recruitment, Entry, and Limited Commitment

519/2024, B04, Stephan Lauermann, Asher Wolinsky

Beliefs About Maternal Labor Supply

517/2024, C01, Teodora Boneva, Marta Golin, Katja Kaufmann, Christopher Rauh

Bargaining with Binary Private Information

515/2024, B02, Francesc Dilmé

How Gender Role Attitudes Shape Maternal Labor Supply

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Observed Patterns of Free-Floating Car-Sharing Use

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Sequentially Stable Outcomes

511/2024, B02, Francesc Dilmé

Optimal Internality Taxation of Product Attributes

510/2024, B07, Andreas Gerster, Michael Kramm

Harvesting Ratings

509/2024, B05, Johannes Johnen, Robin Ng. First version: February 2024

Unemployment Risk, Portfolio Choice, and the Racial Wealth Gap

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Changes in the Distribution of Black and White Wealth Since the US Civil War

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Socioemotional Development during Adolescence: Evidence from a Large Macro Shock

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Identifying Tax Compliance from Changes in Enforcement: Theory and Empirics

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Climate Policies and Electricity Prices: To Abate or to Generate?

504/2024, B07; Kathrine von Graevenitz, Elisa Rottner

Is Germany Becoming the European Pollution Haven?

503/2024, B07, Kathrine von Graevenitz, Elisa Rottner, Philipp M. Richter

More than Joints: Multi-Substance Use, Choice Limitations, and Policy Implications

501/2024, A02, Michelle Sovinsky, Liana Jacobi, Alessandra Allocca, and Tao Sun

Acquihiring for Monopsony Power

500/2024, B03, Heski Bar-Isaac, Justin P. Johnson, Volker Nocke

Ends Versus Means: Kantians, Utilitarians, and Moral Decisions

499/2024, A01, Roland Bénabou, Armin Falk, Luca Henkel

Maternal Beliefs and Long-Term Child Skill Development

498/2024, A05, Greta Morando, Sonkurt Sen, Almudena Sevilla

The Effects of UI Caseworkers on Job Search Effort

497/2024, A05, Amelie Schiprowski, Julia Schmidtke, Johannes Schmieder, Simon Trenkle

Gender Differences in Wage Expectations and Negotiation

496/2024, A02, Lukas Kiessling, Pia Pinger, Philipp Seegers, Jan Bergerhoff

Designing Effective Carbon Border Adjustment With Minimal Information Requirements. Theory and Empirics

495/2024, B06, B07, Alessia Campolmi, Harald Fadinger, Chiara Forlati, Sabine Stillger, Ulrich J. Wagner. First version: January 2024

Fueling Electrification: The Impact of Gas Prices on Hybrid Car Usage

494/2024, A02, Laura Grigolon, Eunseong Park, Kevin Remmy

The Role of Friends in the Opioid Epidemic

493/2024, A03, Effrosyni Adamopoulou, Jeremy Greenwood, Nezih Guner, and Karen Kopecky

Inequality of Opportunity and Income Redistribution

491/2024, A01, Marcel Preuss, Germán Reyes, Jason Somerville, Joy Wu
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