Publications 2021


The Economics of Platforms: Concepts and Strategy

Authors: Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz

Project: B05

Cambridge University Press


John C. Ham, Daniela Iorio, Michelle Sovinsky (2021), [Project A02]
Health Outcomes, Personality Traits, and Eating Disorders
Journal of Human Resources 36(105), 51-76

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Market Depth, Leverage, and Speculative Bubbles
Journal of the European Economic Association, Volume 19, Issue 5, October 2021, Pages 2577-2621

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Patience, Cognitive Abilities, and Cognitive Effort: Survey and Experimental Evidence From a Developing Country
American Behavioral Scientist, 65(11), 1512-1530

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Parental Involvement and the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Preferences, Attitudes and Personality Traits
Economic Journal, 131(638), 2642-2670

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Adjusting to Globalization in Germany
Journal of Labor Economics, 39, 1, 263-302, 2021

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Facing Yourself - A Note on Self-Image
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization,  186(C), 724-734

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Socio-Economic Status and Inequalities in Children's IQ and Economic Preferences
Journal of Political Economy,  129(9), 2504-2545

Wladislaw Mill, John Morgan (2021), [Project A01]
The Cost of a Divided America: An Experimental Study into Destructive Behavior
Experimental Economics,  25, 974-1001

Leander Heldring (2021), [Project A01]
The Origins of Violence in Rwanda
Review of Economic Studies, 88(2), 730-763

Oliver Kirchkamp, Wladislaw Mill (2021), [Project A01]
Spite vs. Risk: Explaining Overbidding in the Second-Price all-Pay Auction: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation
Games and Economic Behavior, 130, 616-635

Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Sergi Jiménez-Martin, Judit Vall Castello (2021), [Project A02]
Minimum Working Age and the Gender Mortality Gap
Journal of Population Economics, 34(3), 1-42

Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Nicolau Martin Bassols, Judit Vall Castello (2021), [Project A02]
Safety at Work and Immigration
Journal of Population Economics, 34, 167-221

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Who Benefits from General Knowledge?
Economics of Education Review, 85, 108-122

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Blurred Boundaries: A Flexible Approach for Segmentation Applied to the Car Market
Quantitative Economics, 12(4), 1273-1305

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Achievement Rank Affects Performance and Major Choices in College
Economic Journal, 131(640), 3182-3206

Ingo E. Isphording (2021), [Project A02]
Does Re-Opening Schools Contribute to the Spread of Sars-Cov-2? Evidence From Staggered Summer Breaks in Germany
Journal of Public Economics, 198, 104426

Ingo E. Isphording (2021), [Project A02]
Pandemic Meets Pollution: Poor Air Quality Increases Deaths by COVID-19
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 108, 102448

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The Intergenerational Effects of a Large Wealth Shock: White Southeners after the Civil War
American Economic Review, 111(11), 3767-3794

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Model Selection for Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects: A Simulation Study
Applied Economics Letters, 29(19), 1776-1783

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Parental Investments and the Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Preferences, Attitudes and Personality Traits
Economic Journal, 131(638), 2642-2670

Thomas Dohmen, Arjan Non, Tom Stolp (2021), [Project A05]
Reference Points and the Tradeoff Between Risk and Incentives
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 192, 813-831

Michelle Sovinsky (2022), [Project A02]
Do Research Joint Ventures Serve a Collusive Function?
Journal of the European Economic Association,  20, 1,  430-475

Alex Gershkov, Benny Moldovanu, Philipp Strack, Mengxi Zhang [Project B01]
A Theory of Auctions With Endogenous Valuations
Journal of Political Economy 129 (2021), 1011-1051

Andreas Kleiner, Benny Moldovanu, Philipp Strack [Project B01]
Extreme Points and Majorization: Economic Applications
Econometrica 89 (2021), 1557-1593

Boaz Zik (2021), [Project B01]
Ex-Post Implementation With Social Preferences
Social Choice and Welfare, 56, 467-485

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Optimal Pricing, Private Information and Search for an Outside Offer
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Markups for Consumers
Journal of Economics and Statistics, 241(5-6), 701-734

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Cheap Trade Credit and Competition in Downstream Markets
Journal of Political Economy, 129(6), 1744-1796

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Information Design and Strategic Communication
American Economic Review: Insights, 3(1), 51-66

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Collusion, Mergers, and Related Antitrust Issues
Handbook of Industrial Organization, 5, 177-279

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All-Pay Oligopolies: Price Competition With Unobservable Inventory Choices
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English Versus Vickrey Auction with Loss-Averse Bidders
Journal of Economic Theory, 197, 105328

Amelie Schiprowski (2021), [Project B04]
Benefit Duration, Job Search Behavior and Re-Employment
Journal of Public Economics, 193, 104326

Jens-Uwe Franck, Martin Peitz (2021), [Project B05]
Digital Platforms and the New 19a Tool in the German Competition Act
Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 12, 513-528

Jens-Uwe Franck, Martin Peitz (2021), [Project B05]
Market Definition in the Platform Economy
Yearbook of European Legal Studies, 23, 91-127

Federico Innocenti, Domenico Menicucci (2021), [Project B05]
Partial Compatibility in Oligopoly
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 188, 351-378

Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz (2021), [Project B05]
Big Tech Mergers
Information Economics and Policy, 54, 100868

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My Home Is My Castle: The Benefits of Working From Home During a Pandemic Crisis
Journal of Public Economics, 196, 104373

Arthur Seibold (2021), [Project C01]
Reference Points for Retirement Behavior: Evidence From German Pension Discontinuities
American Economic Review, 111(4), 1126-1165

Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, Radost Holler, Lena Janys, Bettina Siflinger, Christian Zimpelmann (2021), [Project C01]
Hours and Income Dynamics During the CoViD-19 Pandemic: The Case of the Netherlands
Labour Economics, 73, 102055

Klaus Adam, Stefan Nagel, Dmitry Matveev (2021), [Project C02]
Do Survey Expectations of Returns Reflect Risk Adjustment?
Journal of Monetary Economics, 117, 723-749

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Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Model with Housing
Journal of Economic Theory, 198, 105352

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Model-Based Evaluation of Cooling-off Policies
Games and Economic Behavior, 129, 270-293

André Stenzel, Wolf Wagner (2021), [Project C03]
Opacity, Liquidity and Disclosure Requirements
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, 49, (5-6), 658-689

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