CRC board and advisory board


Board members

Representatives of early-career researchers

Avatar Cosentino

Melina Cosentino

Representative of early-career researchers
Avatar Schymik

Jan Schymik

Representative of early-career researchers

Gender equality, family and diversity

Avatar Sovinsky

Michelle Sovinsky

Responsible for Gender Equality, Family and Diversity
Avatar Schiprowski

Amelie Schiprowski

Deputy to the Board Member Responsible for Gender Equality, Family and Diversity

Advisory board

Avatar Alfaro

Laura Alfaro

Warren Alpert Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School
Avatar Blundell

Richard Blundell

Ricardo Professor of Political Economy Department of Economics, University College London
Avatar Tadelis

Steve Tadelis

James J. and Marianne B. Lowrey Chair in Business Professor of Economics, Business and Public Policy Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
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