Project group C03: Publications

Christoph Carnehl, André Stenzel, Peter Schmidt [Project C03]
Pricing for the Stars: Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Rating Systems
Management Science 70 (2024), 1755-1772

Andrea Modena, Luca Regis [Project C03]
Capital Risk, Fiscal Policy, and the Distribution of Wealth
Mathematics and Financial Economics 18 (2024), 101007

Pietro Dindo, Andrea Modena, Loriana Pelizzon [Project C03]
Risk Pooling, Intermediation Efficiency, and the Business Cycle
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 144 (2022), 104500

Zeno Enders, Hendrik Hakenes [Project C03]
Market Depth, Leverage, and Speculative Bubbles
Journal of the European Economic Association 19 (2021), 2577-2621

André Stenzel, Wolf Wagner [Project C03]
Opacity, Liquidity and Disclosure Requirements
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 49(5-6) (2021), 658-689

Christian Michel, André Stenzel [Project C03]
Model-Based Evaluation of Cooling-off Policies
Games and Economic Behavior 129 (2021), 270-293

Viral Acharya, Lea Borchert, Maximilian Jager, Sascha Steffen [Project C03]
Kicking the Can Down the Road: Government Interventions in the European Banking Sector
The Review of Financial Studies 34 (2021), 4090-4131

Viral Acharya, Zhengyang Jiang, Robert J. Richmond, Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden [Project C03]
Divided We Fall: International Health and Trade Coordination During a Pandemic
Covid Economics 60 (2020), 1-56

Martin Brown, Karolin Kirschenmann, Thomas Spycher [Project C03]
Numeracy and the Quality of on-the-Job Decisions: Evidence From Loan Officers
Economic Inquiry 58 (2020), 998-1022

Karolin Kirschenmann, Josef Korte, Sascha Steffen [Project C03]
A Zero-Risk Weight Channel for Sovereign Risk Spillovers
Journal of Financial Stability 51 (2020), 100780

Zhengqing Gui, Ernst‐Ludwig von Thadden, Xiaojian Zhao [Project C03]
Incentive Compatibility, Limited Liability, and Costly Liquidation in Financial Contracting
Games and Economic Behavior 118 (2019), 412-433

Matthias Fahn, Hendrik Hakenes [Project C03]
Teamwork as a Self‐Disciplining Device
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 11 (2019), 1-32

Dilek Bülbüla, Hendrik Hakenes, Claudia Lambert [Project C03]
What Influences Banks’ Choice of Credit Risk Management Practices? Theory and Evidence
Journal of Financial Stability 40 (2019), 1-14

André Stenzel [Project C03]
Security Design With Interim Public Information
Journal of Mathematical Economics 76 (2018), 113-130

Hendrik Hakenes, Svetlana Katolnik [Project C03]
Optimal Team Size and Overconfidence
Group Decision and Negotiation 27 (2018), 665-687

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