Project group B02: Publications

Francesc Dilmé [Project B02]
Sequentially Stable Outcomes
Econometrica (forthcoming)

Sarah Auster, Yeon-Koo Che, Konrad Mierendorff [Project B02]
Prolonged Learning and Hasty Stopping: The Wald Problem With Ambiguity
American Economic Review 114 (2024), 426-461

Sarah Auster, Nicola Pavoni [Project B02]
Optimal Delegation and Information Transmission Under Limited Awareness
Theoretical Economics 19 (2024), 245-284

Francesc Dilmé [Project B02]
Communication Between Unbiased Agents
Games and Economic Behavior 142 (2023), 613-622

Francesc Dilmé, Daniel Garrett [Project B02]
Relational Contracts: Public Versus Private Savings
Econometrica 91 (2023), 1025-1075

Francesc Dilmé [Project B02]
Bargaining in Small Dynamic Markets
Journal of Economic Theory 207 (2023), 105589

Franz Ostrizek, Denis Shishkin [Project B02]
Screening with Frames: Implementation in Extensive Form
Review of Economic Studies 90 (2023), 2042-2082

Francesc Dilmé [Project B02]
Strategic Communication with a Small Conflict of Interest
Games and Economic Behavior 134 (2022), 1-19

Bernhard Ganglmair, Christian Helmers, Brian J. Love [Project B02]
The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Theory and Evidence From NPEs
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 38 (2022), 741-773

Sarah Auster, Christian Kellner [Project B02]
Robust Bidding and Revenue in Descending Price Auctions
Journal of Economic Theory 19 (2022), 105072

Paul Voss, Marius Kulms [Project B02]
Separating Ownership and Information
American Economic Review 112 (2022), 3039-3062

Mariassunta Giannetti, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde, Emanuele Tarantino [Project B02]
Cheap Trade Credit and Competition in Downstream Markets
Journal of Political Economy 129 (2021), 1744-1796

Bernhard Ganglmair, Alexander Kann, Ilona Tsanko [Project B02]
Markups for Consumers
Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 241 (2021), 701-734

Sarah Auster, Nenad Kos, Salvatore Piccolo [Project B02]
Optimal Pricing, Private Information and Search for an Outside Offer
RAND Journal of Economics 52 (2021), 758-777

Ludmila Matysková, Brian Rogers, Jakub Steiner, Keh-Kuan Sun [Project B02]
Habits as Adaptations: An Experimental Study
Games and Economic Behavior 122 (2020), 391-406

Bernhard Ganglmair, Alex Holcomb, Noah Myung [Project B02]
Expectations of Reciprocity When Competitors Share Information: Experimental Evidence
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 170 (2020), 244-267

Luke Froeb, Bernhard Ganglmair, Steven Tschantz, Gregory Werden [Project B02]
Technology Economics: Innovation, Licensing, and Antitrust
Global Antitrust Institute Report on the Digital Economy 6 (2020), 192-219

Francesc Dilmé [Project B02]
Reputation Building Through Costly Adjustment
Journal of Economic Theory 181 (2019), 586-626

Markus Reisinger, Emanuele Tarantino [Project B02]
Patent Pools, Vertical Integration, and Downstream Competition
RAND Journal of Economics 50 (2019), 168-200

Francesc Dilmé, Fei Li [Project B02]
Revenue Management Without Commitment: Dynamic Pricing and Periodic Flash Sales
Review of Economic Studies 86 (2019), 1999-2034

Francesc Dilmé [Project B02]
Pre‐Trade Private Investments
Games and Economic Behavior 117 (2019), 98-119

Giacomo Rodano, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde, Emanuele Tarantino [Project B02]
Lending Standards Over the Credit Cycle
Review of Financial Studies 31 (2018), 2943-2982

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