Project group A05: Publications

Thomas Dohmen, Tomáš Jagelka [Project A05]
Accounting for Individual-Specific Reliability of Self-Assessed Measures of Economic Preferences and Personality Traits
Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics (forthcoming)

Michal Bauer, Jana Cahlíková, Dagmara Celik Katreniak, Julie Chytilová, Lubomír Cingl, Tomáš Želinský [Project A05]
Nastiness in Groups
Journal of the European Economic Association (forthcoming)

Hannah Illing, Johannes Schmieder, Simon Trenkle [Project A05]
The Gender Gap in Earnings Losses After Job Displacement
Journal of the European Economic Association (forthcoming)

Jonas Radbruch, Amelie Schiprowski [Project A05]
Interview Sequences and the Formation of Subjective Assessments
Review of Economic Studies (forthcoming)

Thomas Dohmen, Elena Shvartsman [Project A05]
Overexertion of Effort under Working Time Autonomy and Feedback Provision
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 212 (2023), 1255-1266

Thomas Dohmen, Felipe Valencia Caicedo, Andreas Pondorfer [Project A05]
Religion and Cooperation Across the Globe
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 215 (2023), 479-489

Thomas Dohmen, Ingrid Rohde, Tom Stolp [Project A05]
Tournament Incentives Affect Perceived Stress and Hormonal Stress Response
Experimental Economics 26 (2023), 955-985

Thomas Dohmen, Simone Quercia, Jana Willrodt [Project A05]
On the Psychology of the Relation between Optimism and Risk Taking
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 67 (2023), 193-214

Thomas Dohmen, Simone Quercia, Jana Willrodt [Project A05]
A Note on Salience of own Preferences and the Consensus Effect
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 209 (2023), 15-21

Anke Becker, Thomas Dohmen, Armin Falk, David Huffmann, Uwe Sunde [Projects A01, A05]
The Preference Survey Module: A Validated Instrument for Measuring Risk, Time, and Social Preferences
Management Science 69 (2023), 1935-1950

Thomas Dohmen,  Andries de Grip, Arjan Non, Ingrid Rohde [Project A05]
Mission of the Company, Prosocial Attitudes and Job Preferences: A Discrete Choice Experiment.
Labour Economics 74 (2022), 102087

Uwe Sunde, Thomas Dohmen, Benjamin Enke, Armin Falk, David Huffman, Gerrit Meyerheim [Projects A01, A05]
Patience and Comparative Development
Review of Economic Studies 89 (2022), 2806-2840

Thomas Dohmen, Arjan Non, Tom Stolp [Project A05]
Reference Points and the Tradeoff Between Risk and Incentives
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 192 (2021), 813-831

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