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Steffen Altmann, Armin Falk, Paul Heidhues, Rajshri Jayaraman, Marrit Teilinck   A01   Defaults and Donations: Evidence From a Field Experiment   Review of Economics and Statistics   101   5   808-826  
Mark Bernard, Thomas Dohmen, Arjan Non, Ingrid Rohde   A01   Menus of Contracts Determine Sorting Patterns   Journal of Economic Psychology   72       293-311
Benjamin Enke, Florian Zimmermann   A01   Correlation Neglect in Belief Formation   Review of Economic Studies   86   1   313-332
Paul Lohmann, Andreas Pondorfer, Katrin Rehdanz   A01   Natural Hazards and Well‐Being in Small‐Scale Island Society   Ecological Economics   159       344-353
Andreas Pondorfer   A01   The Perception of Climate Change: Comparative Evidence from the Small‐Island Societies of Bougainville   Environmental Development   30       21-34
Julian Hidalgo, Michelle Sovinsky   A02   Forensic Econometrics: Demand Estimation When Data are Missing   Japanese Economic Review   70   3   403-410
Chloé Michel, Michelle Sovinsky, Eugenio Proto, Andrew J. Oswald   A02   Advertising as a Major Source of Human Dissatisfaction: Cross‐National Evidence on One Million Europeans   in: M. Rojas (ed.), The Economics of Happiness: How the Easterlin Paradox Transformed Our Understanding of Well‐Being and Progress           217-239
Effrosyni Adamopoulou, Emmanuele Bobbio, Marta De Philippis, Federico Giorgi   A03   Reallocation and the Role of Firm Composition Effects on Aggregate Wage Dynamics   IZA Journal of Labor Economics   8   3   1-24
Matthias Doepke, Michèle Tertilt   A03   Does Female Empowerment Promote Economic Development?   Journal of Economic Growth   24       309-343
Jeremy Greenwood, Phillip Kircher, Cezar Santos, Michèle Tertilt   A03   An Equilibrium Model of the African HIV/AIDS Epidemic   Econometrica   87   4   1081-1113
Francesco Caselli, Antonio Ciccone   A04   The Human Capital Stock: A Generalized Approach: Comment   American Economic Review   109   3   1155-1174
Deniz Dizdar, Benny Moldovanu, Nora Szech   B01   The Feedback Effect in Two‐Sided Markets With Bilateral Investments   Journal of Economic Theory   182       106-142
Alex Gershkov, Benny Moldovanu, Xianwen Shi   B01   Voting on Multiple Issues: What to Put on the Ballot?   Theoretical Economics   14   2   555-596
Hans Peter Grüner, Thomas Tröger   B01   Linear Voting Rules   Econometrica   87   6   2037-2077
Mengxi Zhang   B01   When the Principal Knows Better Than the Agent: Subjective Evaluations as an Optimal Disclosure Mechanism   Journal of Economics and Management Strategy   28   4   631-655
Francesc Dilmé   B02   Pre‐Trade Private Investments   Games and Economic Behavior   117       98-119
Francesc Dilmé, Fei Li   B02   Revenue Management Without Commitment: Dynamic Pricing and Periodic Flash Sales   Review of Economic Studies   86   5   1999-2034
Markus Reisinger, Emanuele Tarantino   B02   Patent Pools, Vertical Integration, and Downstream Competition   RAND Journal of Economics   50   1   168-200
Johan Hombert, Jérôme Pouyet, Nicolas Schutz   B03   Anticompetitive Vertical Merger Waves   Journal of Industrial Economics   67   3-4   484-514
Patrick Arni, Amelie Schiprowski   B04   Job Search Requirements, Effort Provision and Labor Market Outcomes   Journal of Public Economics   169       65-88
Miriam Buiten   B05   Datenschutzverletzungen als Wettbewerbsverstöße   Jahrbuch Junge Zivilrechtswissenschaft, Nomos/Helbing Lichtenhahn Verlag            
Miriam Buiten   B05   Towards Intelligent Regulation of Artificial Intelligence   European Journal of Risk Regulation   10   1   41-59
Miriam Buiten   B05   Regulating Data Giants: Between Competition Law and Data Protection Law   in: Klaus Mathis (ed.), New Developments in Consumer Law and Economics, Series Economic Analysis of Law in European Legal Scholarship, Springer           265-294
Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz   B05   Platform Competition: Who Benefits From Multihoming?   International Journal of Industrial Organization   64       1-26
Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz   B05   Price Disclosure by Two‐Sided Platforms   International Journal of Industrial Organization   67        
Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz   B05   Managing Competition on a Two-Sided Platform   Journal of Economics and Management Strategy   28       5-22
Laura Alfaro, Maggie Chen, Harald Fadinger   B06   Spatial Agglomeration and Superstar Firms: Firm‐Level Patterns From Europe and U.S.   in: Proceedings of the ECB Forum on Central Banking, 17‐19 June 2019, Sintra, Portugal           152-183
Juan Carluccio, Alejandro Cuñat, Harald Fadinger, Christian Fons‐Rosen   B06   Offshoring and Skill‐Upgrading in French Manufacturing   Journal of International Economics   118       138-159
Philippe Fromenteau, Jan Schymik, Jan Tscheke   B06   Foreign Competition and the Durability of U.S. Firm Investments   RAND Journal of Economics   50   3   532-567
Raphael Epperson, Christiane Reif   B07   Matching Subsidies and Voluntary Contributions: A Review   Journal of Economic Surveys   33   5   1578-1601
Mark A. Andor, Manuel Frondel, Andreas Gerster, Stephan Sommer   B07   Cognitive Reflection and the Valuation of Energy Efficiency   Energy Economics   84   S1    
Mark A. Andor, Andreas Gerster, Lorenz Götte   B07   How Effective is the European Union Energy Label? Evidence From a Real‐Stakes Experiment   Environmental Research Letters   14   4    
Annette Cerulli‐Harms, Lorenz Götte, Charles Sprenger   B07   Randomizing Endowments: An Experimental Study of Rational Expectations and Reference‐Dependent Preferences   American Economic Journal: Microeconomics   11   1   185-207
Lorenz Götte, Ching Leong, Neng Qian   B07   Motivating Household Water Conservation: A Field Experiment in Singapore   PLoS ONE   14   3    
Klaus Adam, Henning Weber   C02   Optimal Trend Inflation   American Economic Review   109   2   702-737
Dilek Bülbüla, Hendrik Hakenes, Claudia Lambert   C03   What Influences Banks’ Choice of Credit Risk Management Practices? Theory and Evidence   Journal of Financial Stability   40       1-14
Matthias Fahn, Hendrik Hakenes   C03   Teamwork as a Self‐Disciplining Device   American Economic Journal: Microeconomics   11   4   1-32
Zhengqing Gui, Ernst‐Ludwig von Thadden, Xiaojian Zhao   C03   Incentive Compatibility, Limited Liability, and Costly Liquidation in Financial Contracting   Games and Economic Behavior   118       412-433
Andreas Engert, Tim Florstedt   C04   Geschäfte mit nahestehenden Personen aus empirischer Sicht – Zur Umsetzung des Art. 9c der reformierten Aktionärsrechterichtlinie   ZIP: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht   40   11   493-503
Felix Noth, Oliver Rehbein   C04   Badly Hurt? Natural Disasters and Direct Firm Effects   Finance Research Letters   28       254-258
Isabel Schnabel, Christian Seckinger   C04   Foreign Banks, Financial Crises and Economic Growth in Europe   Journal of International Money and Finance   95       70-94
Ulrich Schüwer, Claudia Lambert, Felix Noth   C04   How Do Banks React to Catastrophic Events? Evidence From Hurricane Katrina   Review of Finance   23   1   75-116


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