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Collusion Between Non-differentiated Two-Sided Platforms (Martin Peitz, Lily Samkharadze)v1 File
Minimum Wages and Insurance Within the Firm (Effrosyni Adamopoulou, Francesco Manaresi, Omar Rachedi, Emircan Yurdagul) File
Simultaneous Search and Adverse Selection (Sarah Auster, Piero Gottardi, Ronald Wolthoff) File
Responsible Investment and Responsible Consumption (Hendrik Hakenes, Eva Schliephake) File
Gendered Impacts of COVID-19 in Developing Countries (Titan Alon, Matthias Doepke, Kristina Manysheva and Michèle Tertilt) File
The Effect of Increasing Retirement Age on Households’ Savings and Consumption Expenditures (Stefan Etgeton, Björn Fischer, Han Ye)v2 File
Aggregate and Intergenerational Implications of School Closures: A Quantitative Assessment (Youngsoo Jang, Minchul Yum)v2 File
When and Why Do Buyers Rate in Online Markets? (Xiang Huiy, Tobias J. Kleinz, Konrad Stahl)v2 File
Partnership Dissolution in a Search Market With On-The-Match Learning (Finn Schmieter) File
Voting With Endogenous Timing (Finn Schmieter) File
Skewness Expectations and Portfolio Choice (Tilman H. Drerup, Matthias Wibral, Christian Zimpelmann) File
A Behavioral Heterogeneous Agent New Keynesian Model (Oliver Pfäuti, Fabian Seyrich) File
Shallow Meritocracy (Peter Andre)v2 File
Adjustable Product Attributes, Indirect Network Effects, and Subsidy Design: The Case of Electric Vehicles (Kevin Remmy) File
Expectations Data in Asset Pricing (Klaus Adam, Stefan Nagel) File
Inflated Recommendations (Martin Peitz, Anton Sobolev) File
Lifestyle Behaviors and Wealth-Health Gaps in Germany (Lukas Mahler, Minchul Yum) File
Barriers to Real-Time Electricity Pricing: Evidence From New Zealand (Charles Pébereau, Kevin Remmy) File
Inequity Aversion and Limited Foresight in the Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma (Teresa Backhaus, Yves Breitmoser) File
On Risk and Time Pressure: When to Think and When to Do (Christoph Carnehl, Johannes Schneider) File
Modeling Bank Panics: Challenges (Lawrence Christiano, Husnu Dalgic, Xiaoming Li) File
Strategic Communication With a Small Conflict of Interest (Francesc Dilmé) File
The Long-Run Effects of Immigration: Evidence Across a Barrier to Refugee Settlement (Antonio Ciccone, Jan Nimczik) File
Collusion Between Non-differentiated Two-Sided Platforms (Martin Peitz, Lily Samkharadze)v2 File
Bundling Time and Goods: Implications for the Dispersion in Hours Worked (Lei Fang, Anne Hannusch, Pedro Silos) File
The Economics of Fertility: A New Era (Matthias Doepke, Anne Hannusch, Fabian Kindermann, Michèle Tertilt) File
Selective Exposure Reduces Voluntary Contributions: Experimental Evidence From the German Internet Panel (Federico Innocenti, Linnéa Marie Rohde) File
Acquisition, (Mis)use and Dissemination of Information: The Blessing of Cursedness and Transparency File
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