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Human Capitalists and the Global Division of Labor (Jan Schymik) File
Does Electrification Cause Industrial Development? Grid Expansion and Firm Turnover in Indonesia (Dane Kassem) v2 File
Pricing for the Stars Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Rating Systems (André Stenzel, Christoph Wolf, Peter Schmidt) File
Estimating the Optimal Inflation Target from Trends in Relative Prices (Klaus Adam, Henning Weber) File
Hidden Testing and Selective Disclosure of Evidence (Claudia Herresthal) v1 File
Robust Bidding and Revenue in Descending Price Auctions (Sarah Auster, Christian Kellner) File
Big Tech Mergers (Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz) v2 File
Associative Memory and Belief Formation (Benjamin Enke, Frederik Schwerter, Florian Zimmermann) File
Complementarities in Behavioral Interventions: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Energy Conservation (Ximeng Fang, Lorenz Goette, Bettina Rockenbach, Matthias Sutter, Verena Tiefenbeck, Samuel Schoeb, Thorsten Staake)v1 File
Student Performance and Loss Aversion (Heiko Karle, Dirk Engelmann, Martin Peitz) File
The Emergence of Procyclical Fertility: The Role of Gender Differences in Employment Risk(Sena Coskun, Husnu Dalgic) v1 File
Who Benefits from General Knowledge? (Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Emma Duchini) v1 File
Consumer Debt and Default: A Macro Perspective (Florian Exler, Michèle Tertilt) File
Do People Value More Informative News? (Felix Chopra, Ingar Haaland, Christopher Roth) File
Contest with Incomplete Information: When to Turn Up the Heat, and How? (Mengxi Zhang) File
Pricing for the Stars Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Rating Systems (André Stenzel, Christoph Wolf, Peter Schmidt)v2 File
Strategies under Strategic Uncertainty (Helene Mass) File
Optimal Auctions with Signaling Bidders (Olivier Bos, Martin Pollrich) File
Heterogeneity, Transfer Progressivity and Business Cycles (Youngsoo Jang, Takeki Sunakawa, Minchul Yum)v2 File
Falling Behind: Has Rising Inequality Fueled the American Debt Boom? (Moritz Drechsel-Grau, Fabian Greimel) v1 File
Monetary Policy, Markup Dispersion, and Aggregate TFP (Matthias Meier, Timo Reinelt) File
Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Model with Housing (Klaus Adam, Michael Woodford) File
Supply Chain Disruptions, Time to Build, and the Business Cycle (Matthias Meier) File
Distance in Bank Lending: The Role of Social Networks (Oliver Rehbein, Simon Rother) v1 File
The Impact of COVID-19 on Gender Equality (Titan Alon, Matthias Doepke, Jane Olmstead-Rumsey, Michèle Tertilt) File
Benefit Duration, Job Search Behavior and Re-Employment (Andreas Lichter, Amelie Schiprowski) v1 File
The Role of Caseworkers in Unemployment Insurance: Evidence from Unplanned Absences (Amelie Schiprowski) File
Collective Intelligence: Crowd Wisdom versus Herding (Andreas Engert) File
The Effects of Working from Home on Covid-19 Infections and Production (Harald Fadinger, Jan Schymik) File
Income Differences, Productivity and Input-Output Networks (Harald Fadinger, Christian Ghiglino, Mariya Teteryatnikova) File
Unintended Health Costs of Gender Equalization (Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Sergi Jiménez-Martín, Judit Vall Castello) v2 File
The Long Run Earnings Effects of a Credit Market Disruption (Effrosyni Adamopoulou, Marta De Philippis, Enrico Sette, Eliana Viviano)v1 File
Untying the Knot: How Child Support and Alimony Affect Couples’ Decisions and Welfare (Hanno Förster) v2 File
Nowhere Else to Go: The Determinants of Bank-Firm Relationship Discontinuations after Bank Mergers (Oliver Rehbein, Santiago Carbo-Valverde) v2 File
Undiscounted Bandit Games (Godfrey Keller, Sven Rady) v2 File
Flooded through the Back Door: The Role of Capital in Local Shock Spillovers (Oliver Rehbein, Steven Ongena)v2 File
A Simple, Non-Recursive Model of the Spread of Covid-19 with Applications to Policy (Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden) File
Self-Assessment: The Role of the Social Environment (Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Florian Zimmermann) File
Experimental Evidence on Misguided Learning (Lorenz Götte, Marta Kozakiewicz…) File
Understanding the Sources of Earnings Losses After Job Displacement: A Machine-Learning Approach (Andreas Gulyas, Krzysztof Pytka)v2 File
Germany’s ‘Lex Apple Pay’: Payment Service Regulation Overtakes Competition Enforcement (Jens-Uwe Franck, Dimitrios Linardatos) File
"No Man is an Island": An Empirical Study on Team Formation and Performance (Alessandra Allocca) File
An Economic Model of the Covid-19 Epidemic: The Importance of Testing and Age-Specific Policies (Luiz Brotherhood, Philipp Kircher, Cezar Santos, Michéle Tertilt)v1 File
Wage Determination and the Bite of Collective Contracts in Italy and Spain: Evidence from the Metalworking Industry (Effrosyni Adamopoulou, Ernesto Villanueva) File
The Effect of Pension Subsidies on the Retirement Timing of Older Women (Han Ye) File
Big Tech Mergers (Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz) v2 File
My Home is My Castle - The Benefits of Working from Home During a Pandemic Crisis: Evidence from Germany (Jean-Victor Alipour, Harald Fadinger, Jan Schymik) File
State Aid Policies in Response to the COVID-19 Shock: Observations and Guiding Principles (Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz) File
Strategic Information Transmission and Efficient Corporate Control (Paul Voß, Marius Kulms) File
Consumer Debt and default: A Macro Perspective (Florian Exler, Michèle Tertilt) v2 File
Firm Dynamics with Labor Market Sorting (Andreas Gulyas) File
Disaggregate Consumption Feedback and Energy Conservation (Andreas Gerster, Mark A. Andor, Lorenz Goette) File
The Short-Run Macro Implications of School and Child-Care Closures (Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Moritz Kuhn, Michèle Tertilt) File
Which Role for State Aid and Merger Control During and After the Covid Crisis? (Chiara Fumagalli, Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz) File
Safety at Work and Immigration (Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Nicolau Martin Bassols, Judit Vall Castello) File
Optimal Non-Linear Pricing Scheme when Consumers are Habit Forming (Eleftheria Triviza)v2 File
Mentoring and Schooling Decisions: Causal Evidence (Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Pia Pinger) File
The Economic Motives for Foot-binding (Xinyu Fan, Lingwei Wu) File
Germany’s ‘Lex Apple Pay’: Payment Services Regulation Overtakes Competition Enforcement (Jens-Uwe Franck, Dimitrios Linardatos) v2 File
Network Goods, Price Discrimination, and Two-sided Platforms (Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz) File
Skill-Biased Imports, Human Capital Accumulation, and the Allocation of Talent (Lei Li) File
Young, Educated, Unemployed (Sena Coskun) v2 File
Concentration Screens for Horizontal Mergers (Volker Nocke, Michael D. Whinston) File
Debt Maturity and Innovation (Yuliyan Mitkov) File
US Business Cycle Dynamics at the Zero Lower Bound (Gregor Boehl, Felix Strobel) File
A Structural Investigation of Quantitative Easing (Gregor Boehl, Gavin Goy, Felix Strobel) File
Does Pay Transparency Affect the Gender Wage Gap? Evidence from Austria (Andreas Gulyas, Sebastian Seitz, Sourav Sinha) v1 File
Spatial Effects of Price Regulations and Competition. A Dynamic Approach to the German Retail Pharmacy Market. (Rober Aue) File
Human Capitalists, Reallocation and the Global Division of Labor (Jan Schymik) File
The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Theory and Evidence from NPEs (Bernhard Ganglmair, Christian Helmers, Brian J. Love) File
Nonlinear Occupations and Female Labor Supply Over Time (Youngsoo Jang, Minchul Yum) File
This Time It's Different: The Role of Women's Employment in a Pandemic Recession (Titan Alon, Matthias Doepke, Jane Olmstead-Rumsey, Michèle Tertilt) File
Polls and Elections: Strategic Respondents and Turnout Implications (Christina Luxen) File
Shareholder Votes on Sale (Andre Speit, Paul Voss) File
The Economics of Decoupling (Andre Speit, Paul Voss) File
An Economic Model of the Covid-19 Pandemic with Young and Old Agents: Behavior, Testing and Policies (Luiz Brotherhood, Philipp Kircher, Cezar Santos, Michéle Tertilt)v2 File
What Is ‘Competition Law’? – Measuring EU Member States’ Leeway to Regulate Platform-to-Business Agreements (Jens-Uwe Franck, Nils Stock) File
Environmental Incentives and Parental Investments (Renske Stans) File
A Setback Set Right? Unfortunate Timing of Family Distress and Educational Outcomes (Renske Stans) File
The Fall of the Aspirations Wall: Educational Aspirations, Achievement and Societal Change (Ghazala Azmat, Katja M. Kaufmann) File
Removal of Potential Competitors – A Blind Spot of Merger Policy? (Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz) File
Voter Attention and Distributive Politics (Carl Heese) File
Preparing for the Next Crisis: How to Secure the Supply of Essential Goods and Services (Natalia Fabra, Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz) File
Labour Supply During Lockdown and a “New Normal”: The Case of the Netherlands (Hans Martin von Gaudecker, Radost Holler, Lena Janys, Bettina Siflinger, Christian Zimpelmann) File
The Consequences of the COVID-19 Job Losses: Who Will Suffer Most and by How Much? (Andreas Gulyas, Krzysztof Pytka) File
Parental Investment and Peer Effects in Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills (Yasemin Özdemir) File
Allocating Losses: Bail-Ins, Bailouts and Bank Regulation (Todd Keister, Yuliyan Mitkov) v2 File
The Expected (Signaling) Value of Higher Education (Laura Ehrmantraut, Pia Pinger, Renske Stans) File
The Effects of Trend Inflation on Aggregate Dynamics and Monetary Stabilization (Andrey Alexandrov) File
The Role of Social Networks in Bank Lending (Oliver Rehbein, Simon Rother) v2 File
How People Know Their Risk Preference (Ruben C. Arslan, Martin Brümmer, Thomas Dohmen, Johanna Drewelies, Ralph Hertwig, Gert G. Wagner) File
Does Open Source Pay off in the Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Industry? A Study of Tesla's Open-Source Initiative (Yihan Yan) File
Dynamic Competition for Attention (Jan Knoepfle) File
The Emergence of Procyclical Fertility: The Role of Gender Differences in Employment Risk (Sena Coskun, Husnu Dalgic) v2 File
Who Benefits From General Knowledge? (Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Emma Duchini) v2 File
Information Design and Career Concerns (David Rodina) File
Inducing Effort Through Grades (David Rodina, John Farragut) File
Social Learning With State-Dependent Observations (Carl Heese) File
Monetary Policy and Speculative Asset Markets (Gregor Boehl) File
Imitation Perfection - a Simple Rule to Prevent Discrimination in Procurement (Nicolas Fugger, Vitali Gretschko, Helene Mass, Achim Wambach) v1 File
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