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Project group C04: Discussion papers

# project title   author
261/2021 C03
Unequal and Unstable: Income Inequality and Bank Risk   Yuliyan Mitkov, Ulrich Schüwer
257/2021 C04 High-Frequency Trading and Price Informativeness   Jasmin Gider, Simon N. M. Schmickler, Christian Westheide
166/2020 C04 Collective Intelligence: Crowd Wisdom Versus Herding   Andreas Engert
162/2020 C03
The Role of Social Networks in Bank Lending
First version: March 2020
  Oliver Rehbein, Simon Rother
117/2019 C04 Shareholder Activism in Germany   Andreas Engert
095/2019 C04 Asset Price Bubbles and Systemic Risk
Published in Review of Financial Studies, 33(9): 4272-4317, 2020
  Markus Brunnermeier, Simon Rother, Isabel Schnabel
044/2018 C04 Nowhere Else to Go: The Determinants of Bank-Firm Relationship Discontinuations After Bank Mergers
First version: September 2018
  Oliver Rehbein, Santiago Carbo-Valverde
043/2018 C04 Flooded Through the Back Door: The Role of Capital in Local Shock Spillovers
First version: September 2018
  Oliver Rehbein, Steven Ongena
036/2018 C04 Banks' Trading After the Lehman Crisis - The Role of Unconventional Monetary Policy   Isabel Schnabel, Johannes Tischer


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