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Project group C03: Publications

author(s) year project title journal/book volume issue pages/article
André Stenzel, Wolf Wagner forthcoming C03 Opacity, Liquidity and Disclosure Requirements Journal of Business Finance and Accounting      
Karolin Kirschenmann forthcoming C03 The EU Taxonomy's (potential) Effects on the Banking Sector and Bank Lending to Firms Economists' Voice      
Pietro Dindo, Andrea Modena, Loriana Pelizzon 2022 C03 Risk Pooling, Intermediation Efficiency, and the Business Cycle Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 144    104500
Christian Michel, André Stenzel 2021 C03 Model-Based Evaluation of Cooling-off Policies Games and Economic Behavior 129   270-293
Karolin Kirschenmann, Josef Korte, Sascha Steffen 2020 C03 A Zero-Risk Weight Channel for Sovereign Risk Spillovers Journal of Financial Stability 51   100780
Martin Brown, Karolin Kirschenmann, Thomas Spycher 2020 C03 Numeracy and the Quality of on-the-Job Decisions: Evidence From Loan Officers Economic Inquiry 58 2 998-1022
Peter Schmidt, André Stenzel, Christoph Wolf 2020 C03 Pricing for the Stars - Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Rating Systems Proceedings of the 21st ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC'20)     273-274
Matthias Fahn, Hendrik Hakenes 2019 C03 Teamwork as a Self‐Disciplining Device American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 11 4 1-32
Dilek Bülbüla, Hendrik Hakenes, Claudia Lambert 2019 C03 What Influences Banks’ Choice of Credit Risk Management Practices? Theory and Evidence Journal of Financial Stability 40   1-14
Zhengqing Gui, Ernst‐Ludwig von Thadden, Xiaojian Zhao 2019 C03 Incentive Compatibility, Limited Liability, and Costly Liquidation in Financial Contracting Games and Economic Behavior 118   412-433
Hendrik Hakenes, Svetlana Katolnik 2018 C03 Optimal Team Size and Overconfidence Group Decision and Negotiation 27   665-687
André Stenzel 2018 C03 Security Design With Interim Public Information Journal of Mathematical Economics 76   113-130


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