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Project group C03: Discussion papers


Recent discussion papers:

# Project Title   Author
292/2021 C03 Optimal Retail Contracts With Return Policies   Ying-Ju Chen, Zhengqing Gui, Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, Xiaojian Zhao
275/2021 C03 Market Depth, Leverage, and Speculative Bubbles   Zeno Enders, Hendrik Hakenes
261/2021 C03
Unequal and Unstable: Income Inequality and Bank Risk   Yuliyan Mitkov, Ulrich Schüwer
248/2020 C03 Divided We Fall: International Health and Trade Coordination During a Pandemic   Viral Acharya, Zhengyang Jiang, Robert J. Richmond, Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden
191/2020 C03 Debt Maturity and Innovation   Yuliyan Mitkov
171/2020 C03 A Simple, Non-Recursive Model of the Spread of Covid-19 with Applications to Policy   Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden
162/2020 C03
The Role of Social Networks in Bank Lending
First version: March 2020
  Oliver Rehbein, Simon Rother
143/2020 C03 Pricing for the Stars
Dynamic Pricing in the Presence of Rating Systems

First version: January 2020
  André Stenzel, Christoph Wolf, Peter Schmidt
138/2019 C03 Can You Trust the Blockchain? The (limited) Power of Peer-to-Peer Networks for Information Provision   Benedikt Franke, Qi Gao, André Stenzel
108/2019 C03 The Deposit Base - Multibanking and Bank Stability   Hendrik Hakenes, Eva Schliephake
091/2019 C03

Allocating Losses: Bail-Ins, Bailouts and Bank Regulation
First version: May 2019

  Todd Keister, Yuliyan Mitkov
090/2019 C03 Inequality and Financial Fragility   Yuliyan Mitkov
065/2018 C03 Opacity, Liquidity and Disclosure Policies   André Stenzel, Wolf Wagner
064/2018 C03 Incentive-Compatibility, Limited Liability and Costly
Liquidation in Financial Contracting
  Zhengqing Gui, Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, Xiaojian Zhao
061/2018 C03

Model-based Evaluation of Cooling-Off Policies
First version: December 2018

  Christian Michel, André Stenzel
046/2018 C03 Creditor Rights, Information Sharing, and Borrower Behavior: Theory and Evidence   John H. Boyd, Hendrik Hakenes, Amanda Heitz


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