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Project group C02: Publications

author(s) year project title journal/book volume issue pages
Lawrence Christiano, Husnu Dalgic, Xiaoming Li 2022 C02 Modelling the Great Recession as a Bank Panic: Challenges Economica 89 S1 S200-S238
Klaus Adam, Stefan Nagel, Dmitry Matveev 2021 C02 Do Survey Expectations of Returns Reflect Risk Adjustment? Journal of Monetary Economics 117   723-749
Klaus Adam, Michael Woodford 2021 C02 Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Model with Housing Journal of Economic Theory 198   105352
Klaus Adam, Henning Weber 2019 C02 Optimal Trend Inflation American Economic Review 109 2 702-737
Bulat Gafarov, Matthias Meier, Joé Luis Montiel Olea 2018 C02 Delta-Method Inference for a Class of Set-Identified Svars Journal of Econometrics 203 2 316-327
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