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Project group C02: Discussion papers

# Project Title   Author
240/2020 C02 Monetary Policy Challenges From Falling Natural Interest Rates   Klaus Adam
239/2020 C02 COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions   Matthias Meier, Eugenio Pinto
235/2020 C02 Falling Natural Rates, Rising Housing Volatility and the Optimal Inflation Target   Klaus Adam, Oliver Pfäuti, Timo Reinelt
216/2020 C02 The Effects of Trend Inflation on Aggregate Dynamics and Monetary Stabilization   Andrey Alexandrov
161/2020 C02 Monetary Policy, Markup Dispersion, and Aggregate TFP   Matthias Meier, Timo Reinelt
160/2020 C02 Supply Chain Disruptions, Time to Build, and the Business Cycle   Matthias Meier
159/2020 A04
Falling Behind: Has Rising Inequality Fueled the American Debt Boom?
First version: March 2020
  Moritz Drechsel-Grau, Fabian Greimel
154/2020 C02 Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Model With Housing   Klaus Adam, Michael Woodford
144/2020 C02 Estimating the Optimal Inflation Target From Trends in Relative Prices
Published as "Optimal Trend Inflation" in American Economic Review, 109(2): 702-737, 2019
  Klaus Adam, Henning Weber
142/2020 A03
The Emergence of Procyclical Fertility: The Role of Gender Differences in Employment Risk
First version: January 2020
  Sena Coskun, Husnu C. Dalgic
105/2019 C02 Stock Price Cycles and Business Cycles   Klaus Adam, Sebastian Merkel
075/2019 C02 Do Plants Freeze Upon Uncertainty Shocks?   Ariel Mecikovsky, Matthias Meier
051/2018 C02 Financial Dollarization in Emerging Markets: An Insurance Arrangement   Husnu C. Dalgic
016/2018 C02 Leaning Against Housing Prices as Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy   Klaus Adam, Michael Woodford
010/2018 C02 Optimal Trend Inflation
Published in American Economic Review, 109(2): 702-737, 2019
  Klaus Adam, Henning Weber


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