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Project group B07: Publications

author(s) year project title journal/book volume issue pages/article
Zihua Chen, Ximeng Fang, Timo Freyer, Lorenz Goette, Chui Yee Ho forthcoming B07 Prosociality Predicts Individual Behavior and Collective Outcomes in the COVID-19 Pandemic Social Science & Medicine      
Manuel Frondel, Andreas Gerster, Kathrin Kaestner, Michael Pahle, Antonia Schwarz, Puja Singhal 2022 B07 Das Wärme- und Wohnen-Panel zur Analyse des Wärmesektors: Ergebnisse der Ersten Erhebung aus dem Jahr 2021 Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft 46 3 175-193
Mark Andor,
Andreas Gerster,
Jörg Peters
2022 B07 Information Campaigns for Residential Energy Conservation European Economic Review 144   104094
Harim Kim 2022 B07 Heterogeneous Impacts of Cost Shocks, Strategic Bidding, and Pass-Through: Evidence From the New England Electricity Market American Economic Journal: Microeconomics  14  2 370-407
Mark A. Andor, Andreas Gerster, Stephan Sommer 2020 B07 Consumer Inattention, Heuristic Thinking and the Role of Energy Labels Energy Journal 41 1  
Felix Holub, Nicolas Koch, Nolan Ritter, Alexander Rohlf 2020 B07 The Effect of Clean Air on Pharmaceutical Expenditures Economics Letters 192   109-221
Raphael Epperson, Christiane Reif 2019 B07 Matching Subsidies and Voluntary Contributions: A Review Journal of Economic Surveys 33 5 1578-1601
Mark A. Andor, Manuel Frondel, Andreas Gerster, Stephan Sommer 2019 B07 Cognitive Reflection and the Valuation of Energy Efficiency Energy Economics 84 S1  
Mark A. Andor, Andreas Gerster, Lorenz Götte 2019 B07 How Effective is the European Union Energy Label? Evidence From a Real‐Stakes Experiment Environmental Research Letters 14 4  
Lorenz Götte, Ching Leong, Neng Qian 2019 B07 Motivating Household Water Conservation: A Field Experiment in Singapore PLoS ONE 14 3  
Annette Cerulli‐Harms, Lorenz Götte, Charles Sprenger 2019 B07 Randomizing Endowments: An Experimental Study of Rational Expectations and Reference‐Dependent Preferences American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 11 1 185-207
Sarah K Mesrobian, Alessandra Lintas, Manon Jaquerod, Michel Bader, Lorenz Götte, Alessandro EP Villa 2018 B07 An ERP Study Reveals How Training With Dual N-Back Task Affects Risky Decision Making in a Gambling Task in ADHD Patients in: José M. Delgado-García, Xiaochuan Pan, Raudel Sánchez-Campusano, Rubin Wang (eds.), Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics VI     271-277
Sarah K Mesrobian, Alessandro EP Villa, Michel Bader, Lorenz Götte, Alessandra Lintas 2018 B07 Event-Related Potentials During a Gambling Task in Young Adults With Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12   79
Lorenz Götte, Kathrin Degen, Elgar Fleisch, Thorsten Staake, Vojkan Tasic, Verena Tiefenbeck 2018 B07 Overcoming Salience Bias: How Real-Time Feedback Fosters Resource Conservation Management Science 64 3 1458-1476


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