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Project group B07: Policy output


contributor   project   event/venue  
Ulrich Wagner   B07   Interview by Spanish radio station “capital radio” on C02 permit trading: “Green Wash”   December 16, 2019
Dana Kassem   B07   Article in VoxDev: "Electricity grid expansion and firm turnover in Indonesia"   July 31, 2019
Andreas Gerster, Ulrich Wagner   B07   Poster presentation at the Kick-off Conference of the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change: "Evaluating Policy Instruments for the Transformation to a Low Carbon Economy - Causal Evidence from Administrative Microdata (TRACE)"   June 12-14, 2019
Ulrich Wagner   B07   Presentations at the Workshop "Evaluating Policy Instruments for the Transformation to a Low Carbon Economy", ZEW Mannheim: "Unternehmenserfolg unter EHS und EEG: Wirkung auf Umsätze, Beschäftigung und Energieverbrauch" and "Firm performance under the ETS and the Renewable Energy Levy - Effects on sales, employment, and energy use"   May 9 - 10, 2019
Lorenz Götte, Andreas Gerster   B07   Co-authored article on “How effective is the European Union energy label? Evidence from a real-stakes experiment” in the IOP Science Portal   March 20, 2019
Ulrich Wagner   B07   Plenary talk at the 2018 Florence School of Regulation Annual Climate Conference, EUI, Florence: "Emissions Trading and Firm Behavior: Evidence from European Firms“   November 27, 2018
Ulrich Wagner   B07   Co-Organizer of the "Arbeitstreffen zu Umweltökonomischen Analysen mit amtlichen Firmendaten für Deutschland", ZEW Mannheim   October 11 - 12, 2018
Lorenz Götte    B07   Public lecture on "Energiesparen leicht gemacht! Die Rolle von Echtzeit-Feedback im Umweltschutz" at Altes Rathaus Bonn   October 10, 2018
Ulrich Wagner    B07   Co-Organizer of the "Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities for Low Carbon Mobility", ZEW Mannheim   September 13 - 14, 2018
Ulrich Wagner    B07   Presentation at the OECD in Paris, on "The Uses of combined Environmental and Economic and Performance Datasets at the Micro Level"   July 10, 2018
Ulrich Wagner    B07   Consultant for a new module on the green economy, Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development   Spring 2018
Lorenz Goette    B07   Presentation at the National Environment Agency in Singapore on "Keeping Singapore Clean"  
January 18, 2018


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