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Project group B07: Discussion papers


Recent discussion papers:

# Project Title Author
285/2021 B07 The Habit-Forming Effects of Feedback: Evidence From a Large-Scale Field Experiment David P. Byrne, Lorenz Goette, Leslie A. Martin, Lucy Delahey, Alana Jones, Amy Miles, Samuel Schob, Thorsten Staake, Verena Tiefenbeck
283/2021 B07 The Dynamics of Goal Setting: Evidence From a Field Experiment on Resource Conservation Lorenz Goette, Hua-Jing Han, Zhi Hao Lim
250/2020 B07 Carbon Footprints of European Manufacturing Jobs: Stylized Facts and Implications for Climate Policy U.J. Wagner, D. Kassem, A. Gerster, J. Jaraite-Kazukauske, M. Klemetsen, M. Laukkanen, J. Leisner, R. Martin, J.R. Munch, M. Muûls, A.T. Nielsen, L. de Preux, K.E. Rosendahl, S. Schusser
249/2020 B07 The Effect of Climate Policy on Productivity and Cost Pass-Through in the German Manufacturing Sector Beat Hintermann, Maja Žarković, Corrado Di Maria, Ulrich J. Wagner
241/2020 B07 Urban Air Pollution and Sick Leaves: Evidence From Social Security Data Felix Holub, Laura Hospido, Ulrich J. Wagner
237/2020 A04
Gender Gaps and the Role of Bosses Moritz Drechsel-Grau, Felix Holub
232/2020 B07 Does Pricing Carbon Mitigate Climate Change? Firm-Level Evidence From the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Jonathan Colmer, Ralf Martin, Mirabelle Muûls, Ulrich J. Wagner
182/2020 B07 Disaggregate Consumption Feedback and Energy Conservation Andreas Gerster, Mark A. Andor, Lorenz Götte
170/2020 A01
Experimental Evidence on Misguided Learning Lorenz Götte, Marta Kozakiewicz
149/2020 B07 Complementarities in Behavioral Interventions: Evidence From a Field Experiment on Energy Conservation Ximeng Fang, Lorenz Goette, Bettina Rockenbach, Matthias Sutter, Verena Tiefenbeck, Samuel Schoeb, Thorsten Staake
052/2018 B07

Does Electrification Cause Industrial Development?
Grid Expansion and Firm Turnover in Indonesia

Second version: July 2019
First version: November 2018

Dana Kassem
053/2018 B07 Harim Kim


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