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Project group B06: Publications

author(s) year project title journal/book volume issue pages/article
Laura Alfaro, Alejandro Cuñat, Harald Fadinger, Yanping Liu forthcoming B06 The Real Exchange Rate, Innovation and Productivity Journal of the European Economic Association      
Hongbin Li, Lei Li,
Hong Ma
2022 B06 China's Skill-Biased
China Economic
74   1-17
Harald Fadinger, Christian Ghiglino, Mariya Teteryatnikova 2022 B06 Income Differences, Productivity, and Input-Output Networks American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 14 2 367-415
Jean-Victor Alipour, Harald Fadinger, Jan Schymik 2021 B06 My Home Is My Castle: The Benefits of Working From Home During a Pandemic Crisis Journal of Public Economics 196   104373
Juan Carluccio, Alejandro Cuñat, Harald Fadinger, Christian Fons‐Rosen 2019 B06 Offshoring and Skill‐Upgrading in French Manufacturing Journal of International Economics 118   138-159
Laura Alfaro, Maggie Chen, Harald Fadinger 2019 B06 Spatial Agglomeration and Superstar Firms: Firm‐Level Patterns From Europe and U.S. in: Proceedings of the ECB Forum on Central Banking, 17‐19 June 2019, Sintra, Portugal     152-183
Philippe Fromenteau, Jan Schymik, Jan Tscheke 2019 B06 Foreign Competition and the Durability of U.S. Firm Investments RAND Journal of Economics 50 3 532-567
Alejandro Cunat, Harald Fadinger 2018 B06 A Heckscher-Ohlin Model of Offshoring and Exporting in: W. Kohler, E. Yalcin (eds.), New Developments in Global Sourcing, MIT Press      
Felix Samy Soliman, Jan Schymik 2018 B06 Democratization, Contracts and Comparative Advantage Economics Letters 173   73-77
Jan Schymik 2018 B06 Globalization and the Evolution of Corporate Governance European Economic Review 102   39-61
Dalia Marin, Jan Schymik, Alexander Tarasov 2018 B06 Trade in Tasks and the Organization of Firms European Economic Review 107   99-132
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