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Project group B06: Policy output

contributor   project   event/venue   date                                                            
Harald Fadinger   B06   Presentation at the ECB Forum on Central Banking: “Superstar firms and spatial agglomeration: An exploration of effects in Europe”   June 17-19, 2019
Harald Fadinger   B06   Article in Bloomberg: “Superstar Firms, Aging and Euro Success in Vogue at ECB Retreat”   June 17, 2019
Harald Fadinger   B06   Newspaper article in DIE ZEIT: “Das Gesicht der Verlierer”   April 11, 2019
Harald Fadinger   B06   Public lecture as part of the Hambacher Gespräche: "Der Westen - (noch) Gemeinschaft der Weltmarktführer?"   November 7, 2018
Harald Fadinger, Yanping Liu   B06   Co-authored article on "You Can't Always Get What you Want: The Real Exchange Rate and Manufacturing Performance in a World of Global Value Chains" in the Vox CEPR Policy Portal   October 2, 2018
Harald Fadinger   B06   Co-authored article on "Ownership and Power Structure: Together at Last" in the Vox CEPR Policy Portal  
September 26, 2018


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