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Project Group B05: Policy Output


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Martin Peitz   B05   Training of competition practitioners on "Economics of Platforms for Competition Policy" at CRESSE Summer School   July 9, 2019
Martin Peitz   B05   Panelist in policy session “The Role of Industrial Policy in Competition Law Enforcement: Lessons from Siemens/Alstom” at CRESSE Conference   July 7, 2019
Jens-Uwe Franck   B05   Expert at the Digital Clearinghouse Roundtable for Regulators, European Policy Center, Brussels   June 5, 2019
Jens-Uwe Franck, Martin Peitz   B05   Post on Oxford Business Law Blog: “Digital platforms: Market definition and market power”   May 29, 2019
Jens-Uwe Franck, Martin Peitz   B05   Release of CERRE-Report “Market Definition and Market Power in the Platform Economy”   May 8, 2019
Martin Peitz   B05   Co-authored article in ifo Schnelldienst: “Gute europäische Champions und böse Funktionskontrolle?“   April 25, 2019
Martin Peitz   B05   Co-authored article “Challenges for EU Merger Control” published in Concurrences,special issue “Which Competition and Industrial Policies for the new EU Commission after Siemens/Alstom?”; press coverage in   April 2019
Martin Peitz   B05   Co-authored article “Competition Policy and European Firms’ Competitiveness” in the Vox CEPR Policy Portal   February 20, 2019
Volker Nocke, Martin Peitz, Nicolas Schutz, Konrad Stahl, Emanuele Tarantino   B02,
B03, B04,
  Co-signatories of open letter "More, not less competition is needed in Europe", published in Les Echos (France), El Pais (Spain), De Standaard (Belgium), De Tijd (Belgium), Expresso (Portugal), Finans (Denmark), with reporting by dpa, ZEIT, FAZ (all Germany) and iL Sole 24 ORE (Italy)   February, 2019
Martin Peitz   B05   Short course "Competition Economics of Platform Markets" at the Chilean competition authority, Fiscalía Nacional Económica (FNE)   January 17, 2019
Miriam Buiten, Martin Peitz   B05   Release of the co-authored CERRE Policy report "Liability of Online Hosting Platforms: Should Exceptionalism End?"   September 13, 2018
Martin Peitz   B05  
Four hour course from competition agencies and consultancies on "Economics of Platform Markets for Competition Policy" at the CRESSE Summer School, furthermore plenary talk on "The Role of Multihoming in Platform Markets" and presentation in the plenary panel on "Foreclosure in Platform Markets" both also at the "CRESSE 2018"

June 29 - July 2, 2018

Martin Peitz   B05   Policy report for the Centre on Regulation in Europe on "A Fresh Look at Zero-Rating" (with Jan Krämer, University of Passau)   March 28, 2018
Martin Peitz   B05  
Presentation at the conference "A New Economy for Youth, Technology
and Finance" in Algiers, organized by the World Bank, on "Regulation as a Catalyst for Innovation"
  March 26, 2018
Martin Peitz   B05   Presentation at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Competition on "Public Policy in Big Data Markets"   March 15, 2018


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