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Project group B05: Discussion papers


Recent discussion papers:


# Project Title Author
188/2020 B05 Network Goods, Price Discrimination, and Two-sided Platforms Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz
184/2020 B05 Which Role for State Aid and Merger Control During and After the Covid Crisis? Chiara Fumagalli, Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz
179/2020 B05 State Aid Policies in Response to the COVID-19 Shock: Observations and Guiding Principles Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz
173/2020 B05

Germany’s ‘Lex Apple Pay’: Payment Services Regulation Overtakes Competition Enforcement
First version: May 2020

Jens-Uwe Franck, Dimitrios Linardatos
150/2020 B05 Student Performance and Loss Aversion Heiko Karle, Dirk Engelmann, Martin Peitz
147/2020 B05 Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz
140/2019 B05 Ad Clutter, Time Use, and Media Diversity Simon P. Anderson, Martin Peitz
137/2019 B05 The Competitive Impacts of Exclusivity and Price Transparency in Markets with Digital Platforms Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz
Bidding in Common-Value Auctions with an Uncertain Number of Competitors Stephan Lauermann, Andre Speit
101/2019 B05 Segmentation versus Agglomeration: Competition between Platforms with Competitive Sellers Heiko Karle, Martin Peitz
Markus Reisinger
099/2019 B05 Price Disclosure by Two-sided Platforms Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz
098/2019 B05 Optimal Non-Linear Pricing Scheme when Consumers are Habit Forming
First version: June 2019
Eleftheria Triviza
089/2019 B05 Simon P. Anderson, Martin Peitz
077/2019 B05 Challenges for EU Merger Control Massimo Motta, Martin Peitz
076/2019 B05 Ratings, Reviews, Recommendations and the Consumption of Cultural Goods Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz
074/2019 B05 Rethinking Liability Rules for Online Hosting Platforms Miriam Buiten, Alexandre de Streel, Martin Peitz
060/2018 B05 Distorted Input Ratios in Vertical Relationships Martin Peitz, Dongsoo Shin
042/2018 B05 You Are Judged by the Company You Keep: Reputation Leverage in Vertically Related Markets Jay Pil Choi, Martin Peitz
037/2018 B05 Striking a Balance of Power between the Court of Justice and the EU Legislature: The Law on Competition Damages Actions as a Paradigm Jens-Uwe Franck
028/2018 B05 Managing Competition on a Two-Sided Platform Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz
027/2018 B05 A Fresh Look at Zero-Rating Jan Krämer, Martin Peitz
021/2018 B05 Consumer Search with and without Tracking Marcel Preuss
007/2018 B05 Toward a Coherent Policy on Cartel Damages Jens-Uwe Franck, Martin Peitz
004/2018 B05 Inside the Engine Room of Digital Platforms: Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations  
Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz
001/2018 B05 Platform Competition: Who Benefits from Multihoming? Paul Belleflamme, Martin Peitz


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