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Project group B04: Discussion papers


Recent discussion papers:

# Project Title Author
114/2019 B04

Costless Information and Costly Verification:
A Case for Transparency

Deniz Kattwinkel, Jan Knoepfle
087/2019 B04 Local Search Markets and External Competition Patrick Legros, Konrad Stahl
081/2019 B04 Trust, Investment and Competition:
Theory and Evidence from German Car Manufacturers
Giacomo Calzolari, Leonardo Felli,
Johannes Koenen, Giancarlo Spagnolo, Konrad Stahl
080/2019 B04 Informal Elections with Dispersed Information Mehmet Ekmekci, Stephan Lauermann
066/2019 B04 Manipulated Electorates and Information Aggregation Mehmet Ekmekci, Stephan Lauermann
063/2018 B04 A Common-Value Auction with State-Dependent Participation Stephan Lauermann, Asher Wolinsky
055/2018 B01
Steady States in Search-and-Matching Models Stephan Lauermann, Georg Nöldeke, Thomas Tröger
047/2018 B04 Price Dispersion and Informational Frictions: Evidence from Supermarket Purchases Pierre Dubois, Helena Perrone


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