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Project group B04: Discussion papers


Recent discussion papers:

# Project Title Author
295/2021 B04 Relational Enforcement Peter Wagner, Jan Knoepfle
268/2021 A01
Interview Sequences and the Formation of Subjective Assessments Jonas Radbruch, Amelie Schiprowski
267/2021 B04 When and Why Do Buyers Rate in Online Markets? Xiang Hui, Tobias J. Klein, Konrad Stahl
246/2020 B04
  Information Exchange and Consumer Search
Anton Sobolev
227/2020 B04 Allocation With Correlated Information: Too Good to Be True Deniz Kattwinkel
225/2020 B04 Imitation Perfection - a Simple Rule to Prevent Discrimination in Procurement
First version: October 2020
Nicolas Fugger, Vitali Gretschko, Helene Mass, Achim Wambach
219/2020 B04 Dynamic Competition for Attention Jan Knoepfle
165/2020 B04 The Role of Caseworkers in Unemployment Insurance: Evidence from Unplanned Absences Amelie Schiprowski
164/2020 B04 Benefit Duration, Job Search Behavior and Re-Employment
First version: March 2020
Andreas Lichter, Amelie Schiprowski
157/2020 B04 Strategies under Strategic Uncertainty Helene Mass
146/2020 B04 Robust Bidding and Revenue in Descending Price Auctions Sarah Auster, Christian Kellner
145/2020 B04 Hidden Testing and Selective Disclosure of Evidence Claudia Herresthal
136/2019 B04
Bidding in Common-Value Auctions with an Uncertain Number of Competitors Stephan Lauermann, Andre Speit
135/2019 B04 Overcoming Free-Riding in Bandit Games
First version: November 2019
Johannes Hörner, Nicolas Klein, Sven Rady
130/2019 B04 Godfrey Keller, Sven Rady
128/2019 B04 Persuasion and Information Aggregation in Large Elections Carl Heese, Stephan Lauermann
125/2019 B04 Information Aggregation in Poisson-Elections Mehmet Ekmekci, Stephan Lauermann
124/2019 B04 Probabilistic Verification in Mechanism Design Ian Ball, Deniz Kattwinkel
120/2019 B01
The Balance Condition in Search-and-Matching Models Stephan Lauermann, Georg Nöldeke, Thomas Tröger
114/2019 B04 Deniz Kattwinkel, Jan Knoepfle
087/2019 B04 Local Search Markets and External Competition Patrick Legros, Konrad Stahl
081/2019 B04 Trust, Investment and Competition:
Theory and Evidence from German Car Manufacturers
Giacomo Calzolari, Leonardo Felli,
Johannes Koenen, Giancarlo Spagnolo, Konrad Stahl
080/2019 B04 Informal Elections with Dispersed Information Mehmet Ekmekci, Stephan Lauermann
066/2019 B04 Manipulated Electorates and Information Aggregation Mehmet Ekmekci, Stephan Lauermann
063/2018 B04 A Common-Value Auction with State-Dependent

First version: December 2018
Stephan Lauermann, Asher Wolinsky
055/2018 B01
Steady States in Search-and-Matching Models Stephan Lauermann, Georg Nöldeke, Thomas Tröger
047/2018 B04 Price Dispersion and Informational Frictions: Evidence from Supermarket Purchases Pierre Dubois, Helena Perrone


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