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Project group B03: Discussion papers


Recent discussion papers:

# Project Title Author
084/2019 B03
  Anticompetitive Vertical Merger Waves
  Johan Hombert, Jerome Pouyet, Nicolas Schutz
Merger Policy in a Quantitative Model of International Trade
Holger Breinlich, Volker Nocke, Nicolas Schutz
038/2018 B03 Internal versus External Growth in Industries with Scale Economies: A Computational Model of Optimal Merger Policy Ben Mermelstein, Volker Nocke, Mark A. Satterthwaite, Michael D. Whinston
024/2018 B03 An Aggregative Games Approach to Merger Analysis in Multiproduct-Firm Oligopoly Volker Nocke, Nicolas Schutz
020/2018 B03 All-Pay Oligopolies: Price Competition with Unobservable Inventory Choices
  Joao Montez, Nicolas Schutz
014/2018 B03 Deception and Competition in Search Markets Tobias Gamp, Daniel Krähmer
011/2018 B03 Full Surplus Extraction in Mechanism Design with Information Disclosure Daniel Krähmer





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