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Project group B02: Publications

author(s) year project title journal/book volume issue pages
Sarah Auster, Christian Kellner 2021 B02 Robust Bidding and Revenue in Descending Price Auctions Journal of Economic Theory     forthcoming
Bernhard Ganglmair 2021 B02 Markups for Consumers Journal of Economics and Statistics (JBNST), Special issue: Market Power and Concentration Developments     forthcoming
Bernhard Ganglmair 2021 B02 The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Theory and Evidence From NPEs Journal of Law, Economics and Organization     forthcoming
Mariassunta Giannetti, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde, Emanuele Tarantino 2021 B02 Cheap Trade Credit and Competition in Downstream Markets Journal of Political Economy     forthcoming
Luke Froeb, Bernhard Ganglmair, Steven Tschantz, Gregory Werden 2020 B02 Technology Economics: Innovation, Licensing, and Antitrust Global Antitrust Institute Report on the Digital Economy 5   192-219
Bernhard Ganglmair, Alex Holcomb, Noah Myung 2020 B02 Expectations of Reciprocity When Competitors Share Information: Experimental Evidence Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 170   244-267
Ludmila Matysková, Brian Rogers, Jakub Steiner, Keh-Kuan Sun 2020 B02 Habits as Adaptations: An Experimental Study Games and Economic Behavior 122   391-406
Francesc Dilmé 2019 B02 Pre‐Trade Private Investments Games and Economic Behavior 117   98-119
Francesc Dilmé, Fei Li 2019 B02 Revenue Management Without Commitment: Dynamic Pricing and Periodic Flash Sales Review of Economic Studies 86 5 1999-2034
Markus Reisinger, Emanuele Tarantino 2019 B02 Patent Pools, Vertical Integration, and Downstream Competition RAND Journal of Economics 50 1 168-200
Giacomo Rodano, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde, Emanuele Tarantino 2018 B02 Lending Standards Over the Credit Cycle Review of Financial Studies 31 8 2943-2982
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