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Project group B02: Discussion papers

Recent discussion papers:



# Project Title Author
296/2021 B02 Bayesian Persuasion With Costly Information Acquisition Ludmila Matysková, Alfonso Montes
284/2021 B02 Representation Is Not Sufficient For Selecting Gender Diversity Justus Baron, Bernhard Ganglmair, Nicola Persico, Timothy Simcoe, Emanuele Tarantino
282/2021 B02 Markups for Consumers Bernhard Ganglmair, Alexander Kann, Ilona Tsanko
256/2021 B02 Optimal Delegation and Information Transmission Under Limited Awareness Sarah Auster, Nicola Pavoni
254/2021 B02 Sequential Trading With Coarse Contingencies Sarah Auster, Jeremy Kettering, Asen Kochov
252/2020 B02 Limited Awareness and Financial Intermediation Sarah Auster, Nicola Pavoni
230/2020 B02 Persuading an Informed Committee Nina Bobkova, Saskia Klein
218/2020 B02 Does Open Source Pay off in the Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Industry? A Study of Tesla's Open-Source Initiative Yihan Yan
201/2020 B02
The Economics of Decoupling Andre Speit, Paul Voss
200/2020 B02
Shareholder Votes on Sale Andre Speit, Paul Voss
196/2020 B02 The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Theory and Evidence from NPEs Bernhard Ganglmair, Christian Helmers, Brian J. Love
180/2020 B02 Strategic Information Transmission and Efficient Corporate Control Paul Voß, Marius Kulms
174/2020 B02 "No Man is an Island": An Empirical Study on Team Formation and Performance Alessandra Allocca
151/2020 B02 Optimal Pricing, Private Information and Search For an Outside Offer
First version: April 2020
Sarah Auster, Nenad Kos, Salvatore Piccolo
133/2019 B02 Bargaining and Delay in Thin Markets Francesc Dilmé
132/2019 B02 Relational Contracts: Public versus Private Savings Francesc Dilmé, Daniel Garrett
119/2019 B02 Visibility of Technology and Cumulative Innovation: Evidence From Trade Secrets Laws
First version: August 2019
Bernhard Ganglmair, Imke Reimers
113/2019 B02 Habits as Adaptations: An Experimental Study Ludmila Matysková, Brian Rogers, Jakub Steiner, Keh-Kuan Sun
083/2019 B02 Revenue Management without Commitment:
Dynamic Pricing and Periodic Flash Sales
Francesc Dilmé, Fei Li
078/2019 B02 Pre-Trade Private Investments Francesc Dilmé
062/2018 B02 Cheap Trade Credit and Competition in
Downstream Markets
Mariassunta Giannetti, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde, Emanuele Tarantino
057/2018 B02
  Patent Pools, Vertical Integration, and Downstream Competition
Markus Reisinger, Emanuele Tarantino
056/2018 B02 The Effect of Horizontal Mergers, When Firms Compete in Prices and Investments Massimo Motta, Emanuele Tarantino
045/2018 B02 Regulating Cancellation Rights with Consumer Experimentation Florian Hoffmann, Roman Inderst, Sergey Turlo
041/2018 B02 Learning When to Quit: An Empirical Model of Experimentation in Standards Development Bernhard Ganglmair, Timothy Simcoe, Emanuele Tarantino
040/2018 B02 Expectations of Reciprocity and Feedback when Competitors Share Information: Experimental Evidence Bernhard Ganglmair, Alex Holcomb, Noah Myung
033/2018 B02 Skewed Information Transmission
Francesc Dilmé




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