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Deniz Dizdar, Benny Moldovanu, Nora Szech   2019   The Feedback Effect in Two‐Sided Markets with Bilateral Investments   Journal of Economic Theory   182       106-142
Alex Gershkov, Benny Moldovanu, Xianwen Shi   2019   Voting on Multiple Issues: What to Put on the Ballot?   Theoretical Economics   14   2   555-596
Hans Peter Grüner, Thomas Tröger   2019   Linear Voting Rules   Econometrica   87   6   2037-2077
Mengxi Zhang   2019   When the Principal Knows Better than the Agent: Subjective Evaluations as an Optimal Disclosure Mechanism   Journal of Economics and Management Strategy   28   4   631-655
Jörg Franke, Wolfgang Leininger, Cédric Wasser   2018   Optimal Favoritism in All-Pay Auctions and Lottery Contests   European Economic Review   104       22-37
Tsz Ning Wong, Lily Ling Yang   2018   When does monitoring hurt? Endogenous information acquisition in a game of persuasion   Economics Letters   163       186-189
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