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Project group A05: Discussion papers

# project      title   author
430/2023 A05 Committee Deliberation and Gender Differences in Influence   Jonas Radbruch, Amelie Schiprowski
409/2023 A05 Tournament Incentives Affect Perceived Stress and Hormonal Stress Responses   Thomas Dohmen, Ingrid M.T. Rohde, Tom Stolp
400/2023 A05 Price Competition and Endogenous Product Choice in Networks: Evidence From the US Airline Industry   Christian Bontemps, Cristina Gualdani, Kevin Remmy
398/2023 A05 Overexertion of Effort Under Working Time Autonomy and Feedback Provision   Thomas Dohmen, Elena Shvartsman
397/2023  A05 Accounting for Individual-Specific Reliability of Self-Assessed Measures of Economic Preferences and Personality Traits   Thomas Dohmen, Tomáš Jagelka
396/2023 A05 Crossing Borders: Labor Market Effects of European Integration   Hannah Illing
381/2022   A05 The Gender Gap in Earnings Losses After Job Displacement   Hannah Illing, Johannes Schmieder, Simon Trenkle



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