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Project Group A03: Policy Output


contributor    project    event/venue    date                          
Andreas Gulyas   A03    Fact checking for the television broadcast Maischberger: "Kann Armut jeden treffen?"   September 25, 2019
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Article in VoxDev: "What caused the HIV/AIDS decline in Africa? Anti-retroviral therapy or better information?"   August 9, 2019
Andreas Gulyas    A03   Interview with Mannheimer Morgen for an article on wage negotiations in the metals and electrical industry   July 24, 2019
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Talk at the IZA/DFID G2LM/LIC Launch Workshop on Jobs, Gender and Poverty in London: "Is Women’s Empowerment Good for Development?"   June 19, 2019
Effrosyni Adamopoulou    A03   Presentation at Banco de España: “The Bite of Collective Contracts in Italy and Spain: Evidence from the Metalworking Industry”   May 22, 2019
Michèle Tertilt    A03   University day Mannheim, presentation to a general audience: “HIV/AIDS in Afrika: Eine ökonomische Perspektive”   May 16, 2019
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Interview with Mannheimer Morgen: "Männer können immer Vollzeit arbeiten - Kind hin oder her"   March 9, 2019
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Interview with econo magazine: "Zwischen Arbeitsteilung und Chancengleichheit"   March, 2019
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Video contribution on VoxDev: "Are women better for development?"   January 9, 2019
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Newspaper article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: "Auf die Frauen kommt es an"   December 23, 2018
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Radio interview on Radio Regenbogen   December 06, 2018
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Public lecture on "Häusliche Gewalt kommt uns teuer zu stehen" at Capitol, Mannheim (in cooperation with Mannheimer Frauenhaus)   November 22, 2018
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Newspaper article in WELT: "Mit dem Wohlstand kamen die Rechte"   November 11, 2018
Michèle Tertilt    A03   Presentation at the Globalization and Development Conference in Göttingen on "Families in Developing Countries"   May 3, 2018


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