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Project group A02: Publications

author(s) year project title journal/book volume issue pages
Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Pia Pinger, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Thomas Deckers 2021 A01
Socio-Economic Status and Inequalities in Children's IQ and Economic Preferences Journal of Political Economy     forthcoming
Cristina Bellés-Obrero, María Lombardi 2021 A02 Will You Marry Me, Later? Age-of-Marriage Laws and Child Marriage in Mexico Journal of Human Resources     forthcoming
Laura Grigolon 2021 A02 Blurred Boundaries: A Flexible Approach for Segmentation Applied to the Car Market Quantitative Economics     forthcoming
Ingo E. Isphording 2021 A02 Achievement Rank Affects Performance and Major Choices in College Economic Journal     forthcoming
Ingo E. Isphording 2021 A02 Does Re-Opening Schools Contribute to the Spread of Sars-Cov-2? Evidence From Staggered Summer Breaks in Germany Journal of Public Economics 198 104426  
Ingo E. Isphording 2021 A02 Pandemic Meets Pollution: Poor Air Quality Increases Deaths by COVID-19 Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 108 102448  
Michelle Sovinsky 2021 A02 Do Research Joint Ventures Serve a Collusive Function? Journal of European Economic Association     forthcoming
Armin Falk, Pia Pinger, Fabian Kosse 2020 A01
Re-Revisiting the Marshmallow Test: A Direct Comparison of Studies by Shoda, Mischel, and Peake (1990) and Watts, Duncan, and Quan (2018) Psychological Science 31 1 100-104
Fabian Kosse, Thomas Deckers, Pia Pinger, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Armin Falk 2020 A01
The Formation of Prosociality: Causal Evidence on the Role of the Social Environment Journal of Political Economy 128 2 434-467
Nicolau Bassols, Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Judit Vall Castello 2020 A02 Safety at Work and Immigration Journal of Population Economics   34 167-221
Julian Hidalgo, Michelle Sovinsky 2019 A02 Forensic Econometrics: Demand Estimation When Data are Missing Japanese Economic Review 70 3 403-410
Chloé Michel, Michelle Sovinsky, Eugenio Proto, Andrew J. Oswald 2019 A02 Advertising as a Major Source of Human Dissatisfaction: Cross‐National Evidence on One Million Europeans in: M. Rojas (ed.), The Economics of Happiness: How the Easterlin Paradox Transformed Our Understanding of Well‐Being and Progress     217-239
Pia Pinger, Sebastian Schäfer, Heiner Schumacher 2018 A02 Locus of Control and Consistent Investment Choices Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 75   66-75
Denny Vågerö, Pia Pinger, Vanda Aronsson, Gerard van den Berg 2018 A02 Paternal Grandfather's Access to Food Predicts All-Cause and Cancer Mortality in Grandsons Nature Communications 9 1 7-9


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