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Project group A02: Publications

author(s) year project title journal/book volume issue pages
Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Pia Pinger, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Thomas Deckers 2021 A01
Socio-Economic Status and Inequalities in Children's IQ and Economic Preferences Journal of Political Economy     forthcoming
Cristina Bellés-Obrero, María Lombardi 2021 A02 Will you Marry me, Later? Age-of-Marriage Laws and Child Marriage in Mexico Journal of Human Resources     forthcoming
Armin Falk, Pia Pinger, Fabian Kosse 2020 A01
Re-Revisiting the Marshmallow Test: A Direct Comparison of Studies by Shoda, Mischel, and Peake (1990) and Watts, Duncan, and Quan (2018) Psychological Science 31 1 100-104
Fabian Kosse, Thomas Deckers, Pia Pinger, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Armin Falk 2020 A01
The Formation of Prosociality: Causal Evidence on the Role of the Social Environment Journal of Political Economy 128 2 434-467
Nicolau Bassols, Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Judit Vall Castello 2020 A02 Safety at Work and Immigration Journal of Population Economics   34 167-221
Julian Hidalgo, Michelle Sovinsky 2019 A02 Forensic Econometrics: Demand Estimation when Data are Missing Japanese Economic Review 70 3 403-410
Chloé Michel, Michelle Sovinsky, Eugenio Proto, Andrew J. Oswald 2019 A02 Advertising as a Major Source of Human Dissatisfaction: Cross‐National Evidence on One Million Europeans in: M. Rojas (ed.), The Economics of Happiness: How the Easterlin Paradox Transformed Our Understanding of Well‐Being and Progress     217-239
Pia Pinger, Sebastian Schäfer, Heiner Schumacher 2018 A02 Locus of Control and Consistent Investment Choices Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 75   66-75
Denny Vågerö, Pia Pinger, Vanda Aronsson, Gerard van den Berg 2018 A02 Paternal Grandfather's Access to Food Predicts All-cause and Cancer Mortality in Grandsons Nature Communications 9 1 7-9


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