Project group A01: Discussion papers

# project title   author
401/2023 A01 Spite in Litigation   Wladislaw Mill, Jonathan Stäbler
380/2022 A01 C01 Proud to Not Own Stocks: How Identity Shapes Financial Decisions   Luca Henkel, Christian Zimpelmann
350/2022 A01 Narratives About the Macroeconomy   Peter Andre, Ingar Haaland, Christopher Roth, Johannes Wohlfart
349/2022 A01 MyPortfolio: The IKEA Effect in Financial Decisions   Fabian Brunner, Fabian Gramm, Wladislaw Mill
325/2021 A01 Inflation Narratives   Peter Andre, Ingar Haaland, Christopher Roth, Johannes Wohlfart
323/2021 A01 Egocentric Norm Adoption   Thomas Neuber
322/2021 A01 Reference Points and the Tradeoff Between Risk and Incentives   Thomas Dohmen, Arjan Non, Tom Stolp
318/2021 A01

Shallow Meritocracy
Second version: February 2022
First version: September 2021

  Peter Andre
310/2021 A01
Fighting Climate Change: The Role of Norms, Preferences, and Moral Values   Peter Andre, Teodora Boneva, Felix Chopra, Armin Falk
308/2021 A01 What’s Worth Knowing? Economists’ Opinions About Economics   Peter Andre, Armin Falk
307/2021 A01 Limited Self-Knowledge and Survey Response Behavior   Armin Falk, Thomas Neuber, Philipp Strack
293/2021 A01 Patience and Comparative Development
Published in Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming, 2021
  Uwe Sunde, Thomas Dohmen, Benjamin Enke, Armin Falk, David Huffman, Gerrit Meyerheim
268/2021 A01
Interview Sequences and the Formation of Subjective Assessments
First version: March 2021
  Jonas Radbruch, Amelie Schiprowski
242/2020 A01 Competition Between Friends and Foes   Wladislaw Mill, John Morgan
238/2020 A01 The Cost of a Divided America: An Experimental Study Into Destructive Behavior   Wladislaw Mill, John Morgan
223/2020 A01
Fishing for Good News: Motivated Information Acquisition
First version: October 2020
  Si Chen, Carl Heese
217/2020 A01 How People Know Their Risk Preference
Published in Scientifc Reports, 10(15365): 1-14, 2020
  Ruben C. Arslan, Martin Brümmer, Thomas Dohmen, Johanna Drewelies, Ralph Hertwig, Gert G. Wagner
186/2020 A01
Mentoring and Schooling Decisions: Causal Evidence   Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Pia Pinger
172/2020 A01 Self-Assessment: The Role of the Social Environment   Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Florian Zimmermann
170/2020 A01
Experimental Evidence on Misguided Learning   Lorenz Götte, Marta Kozakiewicz
148/2020 A01 Associative Memory and Belief Formation   Benjamin Enke, Frederik Schwerter, Florian Zimmermann
121/2019 A01
Self-Selection of Peers and Performance
First version: August 2019
Published in Management Science, forthcoming.
  Lukas Kiessling, Jonas Radbruch, Sebastian Schaube
111/2019 A01
Socio-Economic Status and Inequalities in Children’s IQ and Economic Preferences
Published in Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming, 2021
  Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Pia Pinger, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Thomas Deckers
100/2019 A01 Mission of the Company, Prosocial Attitudes and Job Preferences: A Discrete Choice Experiment   Arjan Non, Ingrid Rohde, Andries de Grip, Thomas Dohmen
097/2019 A01 (Not) Everyone Can Be a Winner – The Role of Payoff Interdependence for Redistribution   Sebastian Schaube, Louis Strang
096/2019 A01 Motivated by Others’ Preferences? An Experiment on Imperfect Empathy   Jana Hofmeier, Thomas Neuber
073/2019 A01 The Dynamics of Motivated Beliefs
Published in American Economic Review, 110(2): 337-361, 2020
  Florian Zimmermann
072/2019 A01 Determinants of Trust: The Role of Personal Experiences
Published in Games and Economic Behavior, 122: 413-425, 2020
  Frederik Schwerter, Florian Zimmermann
071/2019 A01 Relationship of Gender Differences in Preferences to Economic Development and Gender Equality
Published in Science, 362(6412), 2018
  Armin Falk, Johannes Hermle
070/2019 A01 Narratives, Imperatives, and Moral Reasoning   Roland Bénabou, Armin Falk, Jean Tirole
023/2018 A01  
Thomas Dohmen, Simone Quercia, Jana Willrodt
022/2018 A01  
Maria Zumbuehl, Thomas Dohmen, Gerard Pfann
013/2018 A01
Published in Journal of Political Economy, 128(2): 434-467, 2020
Fabian Kosse, Thomas Deckers, Pia Pinger, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch, Armin Falk
012/2018 A01
Published in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 156: 23-40, 2018
Francesco Fallucchi, Simone Quercia
006/2018 A01
Published in Journal of Economic Perspectives, 32(2): 115-134, 2018
Armin Falk, Thomas Dohmen, David Huffman, Uwe Sunde
005/2018 A01
Published in Quarterly Journal of Economics, 133(4): 1645-1692, 2018
Armin Falk, Anke Becker, Thomas Dohmen, Benjamin Enke, David Huffman, Uwe Sunde


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