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EPoS video series

In these videos CRC researchers explain their latest findings and papers. We thereby intend to spread the output of our work and make transparent what has been achieved so far.


Andreas Gerster: Smart Meters and Reducing Electricity

Video Andreas Gerster

What Information Should Smart Meters Provide To Effectively Reduce Energy


Christian Zimpelmann: Investment and Stock Market

Video Christian Zimpelmann

How Do Households Invest Their Savings?


Sarah Auster: Auctions and Consumer Behaviour

Video Sarah Auster

How Do People Make Timing Decisions in Situations Where They Have Little
Experience and Insufficient Data?


Florian Zimmermann: Belief Formation and Memory

Video Florian Zimmermann

How Does Associative Recall Shape the Process of Belief Formation?


Han Ye: Pension and Retirement Age

Video Han Ye

How Does Additional Pension Benefit Affect Workers’ Retirement Timing?


Effrosyni Adamopoulou: Habit Formation and Overconsumption

Video Effrosyni Adamopoulou

Why do Individuals Overconsume Unhealthy Foods?


Anne Hannusch: Working Mothers

Video Anne Hannusch

Why Do Married Mothers Make Differing Employment Decisions In Different


Sena Coskun: Fertility and Having Children in Recession

Video by Sena Coskun

What Is the Relationship Between Gender, Macroeconomic Conditions and Fertility


Amelie Schiprowski: Unemployment and Caseworkers

Video Amelie Schiprowski

How Important Are Caseworkers In Helping the Unemployed To Find Work?


Lei Li: Human Capital

Video Lei Li

How Does the Importation of Machinery Impact Upon Human Capital Accumulation?


Yuliyan Mitkov: Financial Instability and Income Inequality

Video Yuliyan Mitkov

What is the Relationship Between Regional Inequality and Financial Instability?


Cristina Bellés-Obrero: Child Marriage and Global Poverty

Video Cristina Bellés-Obrero

Can Legal Reforms Effectively Combat the Negative Consequences of Child Marriage?


Hans-Martin von Gaudecker: Coronavirus

Video Hans-Martin von Gaudecker

How Is the Coronavirus Pandemic Impacting Human Inequality?


Katja Kaufmann: Inequality

What are the Long-Run Effects of Elite Universities on Individuals and Society?


Si Chen: Behavioral Economics

What Prompts Decision Makers to Stop Collecting Relevant Information?


Thomas Tröger: Voter Participation

How Can We Best Respond to Low Participation Rates in Elections?


Stephan Lauermann: Election Turnout

How Can We Assess the Nature and the Effectiveness of Informal Political Processes?


Isabel Schnabel: Banking

What Is the Relationship Between Asset Price Bubbles and Systemic Risk
at Bank Level?


Benny Moldovanu: Parliamentary Voting Procedures

How Can Parliaments Optimally Organize Voting Procedures?


Martin Peitz: Digital Economy

Can Multiple Platforms Profitably Co-Exist in Digital Markets?

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