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Open Day at Villa Hammerschmidt
June 24, 2018: “How long can you power a MacBook Air with the energy that is consumed during one minute of showering?”

This was one of the questions that visitors of the 2018 Open Day at Villa Hammerschmidt were asked in a quiz by CRC TR 224 researchers from the Institute for Applied Microeconomics.
Villa Hammerschmidt is the official Bonn residence of the German President, and the University of Bonn contributed to the open day as part of its 200th-anniversary celebrations. Using the quiz, a poster, and a custom-built shower with a hand-operated water pump, Maximilian Blesch (student assistant A02), Ximeng Fang (B07), Holger Gerhardt, Lorenz Götte (B07), and Simone Jost-Mussehl (office assistant) conveyed the results of a large-scale research project regarding household energy conservation (Tiefenbeck, Götte, et al., 2018, Management Science, to the public. (By the way, the answer to the initial question is: around 40 hours. Showering uses around 240 Wh per minute, while a MacBook Air needs around 0.1 Wh per minute - a factor of 2,400!)
Photo taken during the Open Day at Villa Hammerschmidt, from left to right:
Lorenz Götte (B07), Simone Jost-Mussehl (office assistant) and Maximilian Blesch (student assistant A02)


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