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Summer School 2023: 21st century Applied Micro: Theory and Applications

Date: August 07-11, 2023

Venue: Kurhaus Trifels in Annweiler

Organization: Collaborative Research Center TR 224: Amelie Schiprowski, Lei Li and Hans-Martin von Gaudecker

Faculty: Magne Mogstad (University of Chicago) Christopher Walters (UC Berkeley)

Much has happened since instrumental variables was introduced almost a hundred years ago. After
decades of work on various forms of the classical model, since the 1980s the focus has shifted to
weakening the assumption of homogeneous treatment effects. The 2021 Nobel prizes rightfully
honoured this foundational work. But did you ever wonder what IV estimates in the real world, i.e.,
when the first-stage monotonicity condition fails to hold, when your application involves covariates or
multiple instruments? What if you are interested in effects of a large number of treatments, say the
value-added of schools or employers’ discriminatory behaviour? In these cases, it is not enough to
control for fixed effects, you want to estimate them and explicitly balance bias and variance.

In case you have been looking for answers to these questions in your research or expect them to come
up, look no further than this summer school. We will immerse ourselves for a week in the beautiful
hills of southern Germany amidst medieval castle ruins to learn from two leading experts in the field,
Magne Mogstad (University of Chicago) and Christopher Walters (UC Berkeley). There will be ample
room for students to reflect upon the material together and to discuss their own work and ideas with

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