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October 2018: Montabaur

Title: Networking and Communication Skills for Women Scientists
Julie Stearns (ImpulsPlus)

How can I make an impact in professional contexts such as small-talk situations at conferences? What can help me in situations where I face an international crowd and how can I connect to an interdisciplinary audience?

The workshop offered the opportunity to enhance overall effective communication (verbal and non-verbal) in order to improve networking and self-promotion opportunities. Special attention is given to gender aspects and particular challenges women face in communication contexts. Throughout the workshop, participants were guided through interactive exercises to improve their body language, as well as focus on the quality of their language content and structure of their ideas. The aim is to develop strategies to make a lasting and positive impact on audiences, potential employers and significant contact persons (networking). Trainer input provided the opportunity to gain new insights in effective communication and learn how to present themselves more effectively and to make the best impression and strongest impact.

The workshop took place on October 03, one day before the start of our regular CRC retreat in Montabaur.

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Trainer Julie Stearns at the Female members workshop Montabaur October 2018

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