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Program Workshop Mannheim Workshop in Quantitative Macroeconomics (18-19 May 2018)
Program 2nd University of Mannheim and Euro Area Business Cycle Network 31 Aug-1 Sep 2018
Program Workshop 7th Research Workshop in Financial Economics (20 Jul 2018)
Program Conference Families and the Macroeconomy (18-20 Oct 2018)
Program Conference The Law and Economics of Market Design (15-16 Nov 2018)
Program Mini Course in Advertising and Consumer Search (13-14 Dec 2018)
Program Workshop Governance of Platform Markets in the 'Big data' Era (8-9 Nov 2018)
Program Workshop Unobservables (27-28 Sep 2018)
Program Workshop Peer-to-Peer Markets Airbnb and the Accomodation Industry (12 Dec 2018)
Program Workshop Pan European Evaluation of Climate Policies (6-7 Dec 2018)
Program Workshop Mergers and Antitrust (29 Nov - 1 Dec 2018)
Program Workshop Frankfurt-Mannheim Macro Workshop (8 Mar 2019)
Program Mini Course on Decentralized Markets and Simultaneous Search (9 May 2019)
Program Workshop Trade Policy and Firm Performance in the Global Economy (13-14 Jun 2019)
Program Asset Prices and the Macro Economy (31 August - 01 September 2018)
Program Panel The Need for Euro Area Reform (17 Apr 2018)
Program Workshop Bonn Mannheim PhD Workshop (11 May 2019)
Program Special Lecture ECONtribute (28.05.2019)
Program Workshop on Economic Theory: "Information and Markets" (11-12 Oct 2019)
Program 1st MaCCI-EPoS-CREST IO Workshop on Industrial Organization(Nov 22-23, 2018)
Program Education and Family Policy (4 Nov 2019)
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