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Past Events


Compact Course by Mark Armstrong (All Souls College, Oxford University) on "Theory Models of Advertising and Consumer Search"

Date: 13 - 14 December 2018

Application Deadline: 27 November

Venue: University of Bonn, Juridicum, Faculty Room

Organisation: Stephan Lauermann



Peer-to-Peer Markets: Airbnb and the Accommodation Industry

Date: 12 December 2018

Venue: Department of Economics, University of Mannheim (Room 458, 4th floor)

Organisation: Laura Grigolon



EPoS-MACCI-ZEW Workshop on Pan-European Evaluation of Climate Policies

Date: 6 - 7 December 2018

Application Deadline: 22 November 2018 (please send an email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]2 )

Venue: ZEW, Mannheim (Room Luxemburg)

Organisation: Ulrich Wagner, Dana Kassem


The workshop gave researchers from various European countries the opportunity to share their experiences with the econometric evaluation of climate policies using administrative microdata, and discussed pan-European approaches to program evaluation in this policy area.


MaCCI-EPoS Workshop on Mergers and Antitrust

Date: 29 November - 1 December 2018

Venue: Hardtwald Hotel, Bad Homburg

Organisation: Volker Nocke, Nicolas Schutz



1st MaCCI-EPoS-CREST Workshop on Industrial Organization

Date: 22 - 23 November 2018

Venue: ZEW, Mannheim

Organisation: Volker Nocke


MaCCI Law & Economics Conference on the Law and Economics of Market Design

Date: 15 - 16 November 2018

Venue: ZEW, Mannheim (Room Brussels)

Organisation: Andreas Engert


The conference consisted of 4 panel discussions, two keynote lectures and covered the following topics: Design of digital platforms, Managing private and public procurement, Designing infrastructure markets (telecom, traffic, energy), Allocation problems in health care (organ exchange)


MaCCI-EPoS Workshop on Governance of Platform Markets in the big Data Era

Date: 8 - 9 November 2018

Venue: University of Mannheim, Room O 026-028 Senatssaal (Schloss Ostflügel)

Organisation: Miriam Buiten, Eleftheria Triviza


The goal of this interdisciplinary workshop was to bring together economists and legal scholars in order to advance our understanding of platform markets in the big data era, as well as their implications for competition policy and privacy.


Families and the Macroeconomy

Date: 18 - 20 October 2018

Venue: ZEW, Mannheim

Organisation: Matthias Doepke, Min Yum, Holger Stichnoth and Michèle Tertilt



Unobservables? The measurement of individual heterogeneity and its use in economic models

Date: 27 - 28 September 2018

Venue: University of Bonn, Juridicum

Organisation: Katja Kaufmann, Pia Pinger, Hans-Martin von Gaudecker



Asset Prices and the Macro Economy

Date: 31 August - 1 September 2018

Venue: University of Mannheim, Castle of Mannheim, Fuchs-Petrolub-Festsaal (O138)

Organisation: Klaus Adam, Isabel Schnabel


The conference was intended to bring together innovative work advancing our knowledge of macro-financial linkages. Theoretical and empirical contributions were both welcome.


7th Research Workshop in Financial Economics

Date: Friday, 20 July 2018

Venue: Faculty Lounge, Juridicum, University of Bonn

Organisation: Hendrik Hakenes, Isabel Schnabel


This workshop was aimed especially at young researchers. Topics concentrated on banking, financial intermediation in general, financial regulation, supervision, financial stability, central banking, and other related topics.

Mannheim Workshop in Quantitative Macroeconomics: Economic Perspectives on Societal Challenges

Date: 18 - 19 May 2018

Venue: Department of Economics, University of Mannheim, L 7, 3-5

Organisation: Minchul Yum


The workshop was intended to provide a forum for junior economists based in Europe with a special interest in quantitative macroeconomics. The workshop attracted many young macroeconomists from top European universities such as Bocconi, Cambridge, EUI, IIES, Oxford and Toulouse (among others) who presented their recent research coupled with critical yet productive discussions.

The workshop was highly successful in providing researchers with opportunities to engage in highly relevant policy debates. A subset of topics targeted some country-specific episodes such as social housing policies in Germany, housing bubbles in Spain, and commuting costs in the U.K. On the other hand, some other papers promoted active discussions on more general policy issues such as exchange rates, monetary policy, labor market mismatches and fertility.


Panel Discussion on April 17 in Bonn: The Need for Euro Area Reform - How to Move Forward?

Date: 17 April 2018, 18:30 - 20:00

Venue: University Forum, Center for International Security and Governance, Heussallee 18-24, 53113 Bonn

Organisation: Isabel Schnabel

Participants: Prof. Dr. Isabel Schnabel, Professor of Financial Economics at Bonn University and Member of the German Council of Economic Experts, and Gabriele Giudice, Head of Unit for the EMU Deepening and the Macroeconomy of the Euro Area, European Comission (DG ECFIN). Moderation: Prof. James Bindenagel, Henry-Kissinger Professor and Head of the Center for International Security and Governance.



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