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Family-friendly policies at the CRC

Complementing the two universities’ family-friendly policies, the CRC implemented the following measures:

We provide funding for emergency childcare to our researchers.

We refund childcare costs incurred by CRC researchers when participating in conferences and workshops (up to the maximal amount allowed by DFG and university rules).

To facilitate academic networking and research interaction, we refund travel and accommodation costs for accompanying children of CRC researchers attending a conference or workshop, provided that this is compatible with the spending rules of the DFG.

Funding rules at universities make it difficult to directly compensate international scholars for the additional expenses that they incur when their children travel with them. To help researchers visit the CRC with their children, we use CRC funds to pay them a honorarium that helps them to partially cover family-related costs (within the limits set by DFG and university rules).

CRC research seminars take place during family-friendly hours (before 5 pm).

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