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Interactions and networking

We organize semi-annual conferences at which CRC and external researchers present their work in fields at the core of the CRC. Participation by the CRC’s early-career researchers are particularly encouraged, and at least half of all presentations will be given by early-career researchers.

Immediately after or before each of these conferences, there will be a meeting of early-career researchers, organized entirely by early-career researchers themselves. This gives all doctoral students, postdocs and junior professors in the CRC the opportunity to present their work in an informal environment.

We give early-career researchers the opportunity to organize workshops on specific topics that are relevant to the research program of the CRC. We also provide financial and logistic support for the organization of informal "ad hoc" meetings of early-career researchers from both nodes or including researchers from other universities. A first Bonn-Mannheim Ph.D. Workshop, bringing together doctoral students from both nodes, has already taken place in Mannheim in May, 2017.

We will organize a two-week summer school in years 2 and 4 of the first funding period, with leading scholars giving a series of lectures and early-career researchers (at the doctoral and postdoctoral level) presenting their own work. This summer school will cover core topics of the research program of the CRC. An example is "Skill development in early childhood", for which we would invite Flávio Cunha, Jim Heckman and Orazio Attanasio as lecturers. The summer school will be open to qualified doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from Germany and abroad.

At each location, we organize a weekly seminar series where early-career researchers are exposed to cutting-edge research presented by internationally renowned speakers.

At each location, we run an internal seminar series in which many early-career researchers present their work. One third of the available time slots is reserved for speakers from the other location.

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