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Career development

Each postdoctoral researcher funded by the CRC has a mentor different from the senior principal investigator with whom the researcher may be pursuing a project. Provided their doctoral degree has been acquired somewhere else, postdoctoral researchers at both institutions are allowed to apply for junior professorships.

Research leaves within the CRC

We encourage early-career researchers to spend an extended period of time (ranging from two weeks to one year) at the other node of the CRC. We will provide funds to cover incremental costs. This is targeted especially at those early-career researchers who work in a project with principal investigators from both nodes.

Visit abroad program for early-career researchers 

We encourage early-career researchers to spend some period of time (typically, between one week and one term) at a leading university abroad to advance their research and to interact with other researchers. We earmark funds to cover airfares, visa costs and incremental costs of board and lodging.

We also encourage early-career researchers to present their research results at international workshops and conferences. A major part of the CRC travel funds is reserved for this purpose. All early-career researchers are able to apply for research funds allocated by the CRC.

We use global funds to support specific research projects pursued by early-career researchers. This gives them access to a dataset, allows them to run an experiment, or to invite a co-author for a longer-term stay. The decision on such funding requests is transparent, non-bureaucratic and quick; this allows early-career researchers to focus on their research and to make fast progress.

All early-career researchers can submit proposals for the invitation of guests to the CRC. Preferential funding applies to invitations of researchers closely related to the research topic of early-career researchers; this includes their co-authors and senior peers.

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