Gender equality and family-friendly policies

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Two board members, one based in Mannheim, one in Bonn, are responsible for matters related to gender equality, family and diversity. They administer a dedicated budget.

Recruitment and cooptation

Recruitment at the doctoral level is from the pool of those students at the graduate schools in Bonn and Mannheim that have completed their coursework. Both schools are committed to gender balance in their selection processes.

In hiring decisions at the postdoctoral level, we pay particular attention to attracting excellent female researchers. We actively search for such candidates and strongly encourage them to apply. We are committed to coopting newly hired female junior and senior professors whose research agendas fit that of the CRC.


Networking is of particular importance for female early-career researchers. The European Economic Association’s Standing Committee on Women in Economics (WinE) offers an annual women’s retreat at the European level. The American Economic Association’s Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) organizes a corresponding event in the US (CeMENT). We provide travel funds to female early-career researchers who wish to attend a networking event offered by WinE or CSWEP.


At annual female members workshops,  we offer specific training on topics such as self-confidence and professionalism in scientific presentations; building and maintaining professional contacts; presentations in the media; leadership; and conflict management in an academic context. Tailor-made one-to-one coaching helps the participants analyze their strengths and weaknesses and develop a career plan.



Our goal is to support a family-friendly work environment and to fund the necessary measures which enable parents to focus on their scientific work (in accordance with DFG rules).

Please contact the CRC central office to see how we can support you with the following topics:

- Back-up childcare
- Childcare during conferences
- Reimbursement of travel costs for children and their caregiver

We constantly try to find and establish further ways to support parents, please contact us with any idea or question you might have.

Board members responsible for gender equality, family and diversity

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Amelie Schiprowski

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Michelle Sovinsky

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